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[News] Linux Smartphones Gain Attraction Owing to iPhone

iPhone gives rise to Mainstream Embedded Linux Cell Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux based cell phones are getting a second look and the source of
| this look by the industry is a stranger than fiction story -- the
| iPhone.  The iPhone is driving the resurgence of the Embedded Linux
| Cell Phone and PDA as a viable alternative.



OpenMoko Interface - I'm Loving It!

,----[ Quote ]
| It reminds me of one of my favorite Window manager, Enlightenment
| with its brushed metal background and such. Looking at OpenMoko,
| makes me wanting iPhone less and less (well i prefer open source
| over anything, anytime, any day) and i cant wait to dig in and
| make some hacks and application for this smartphone. Enjoy the
| screenshots of the OpenMoko interface.


Eight Great Linux Smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| Grundig B700
| Gupp Phreedom
| Greenphone
| FIC Neo1973
| D-Link V-Click
| Moto ROKR E6
| ImCoSys 
| Moto "MING" A1200


FEATURE: Mobile Linux: Why it will become the dominant mobile OS

,----[ Quote ]
| I see the mobile Linux wave out in the ocean and am sounding the
| alarm--the mobile Linux tide is rising. Be prepared.


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