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[News] Neoware Puts Linux in Thin Client, 2.5 Times Cheaper Than Windows

Neoware stirs virtualization tech into thin client soup

,----[ Quote ]
| The "entry level" c50 VDI runs Neolinux, the company's customized
| Linux-based embedded operating system, while the e140 VDI and m100
| VDI are based on Windows XP Embedded software platforms.
| [...]
| The c50 VDI, e140 VDI, and m100 VDI thin client devices are
| immediately available, priced at $280, $700, and $850, respectively. 



New thin client series runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Acropolis updated its Linux-based thin-client OS earlier this month.
| Its NLX (New LinuX) 5 OS is based on Debian, and is available on an
| IDE flash plug-in module suitable for turning old PCs into modern
| thin clients. 


Vyatta Delivers Twice the Performance of Cisco at Half the Price

,----[ Quote ]
| Vyatta today announced the release of independent third-party testing
| results from The Tolly Group that measured the throughput and
| performance of the open-source, x86-based Vyatta router and
| firewall appliance versus the proprietary Cisco 2821 ISR.
| "This report shatters the myth that proprietary hardware products
| are a better choice than standard x86-based systems for network
| infrastructure," said Dave Roberts, VP of strategy and marketing
| at Vyatta. "For the majority of routing applications, open-source
| software and x86-based hardware can easily address the performance
| requirements and at significantly lower price points."



Athena Thin Clients Introduces New Open Source Embedded Linux Using Debian

,----[ Quote ]
| Athena development engineers are the first to build a Linux Thin
| Client based on Debian kernel 2.6. This new Linux version carries
| the name NLX 5 where NLX stands for New LinuX.


Low-cost thin client runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The fanless DIT6040A runs Devon's Linux-based "Devon Terminal
| Operatiing System" (DeTOS) on a 400MHz Via Eden processor. 


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