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[News] Apple in Hot Waters Over Lockin in Europe

EU takes aim at Apple over iTunes

,----[ Quote ]
| Norway, a European country that is not in the EU, is battling Apple
| for the same reason. In January, it said the computer and software
| giant must liberalize its music download system by October 1 or
| face legal action.
| Pressure on Apple has been building, with consumer rights
| organizations from Germany, France, Finland and Norway recently
| agreeing a joint position in their battles against iTunes.



Holland Considers Banning DRM, Legalizing Filesharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year the Dutch tried to tax all MP3 players, but that proposal
| didn't make it into law. But not to worry, they have other brilliant
| ideas. Earlier this week, Dutch politicians suggested that it might
| be a good idea to tax Internet traffic, and use this money to
| compensate the music industry. This, under the condition that
| DRM is abandoned, and people can't be charged for downloads. Say
| what?


Apple DRM illegal in Norway: Ombudsman

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's digital rights management lock on its iPod device and iTunes
| software is illegal, the Consumer Ombudsman in Norway has ruled. The
| blow follows the news that Germany and France are joining Norway's
| action against Apple.


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