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Re: [News] Linux Tax Problem Resolved

While taking a break from performing an interpretive dance of 'Flight of
the Bumble Bee', Roy Schestowitz  wrote:

> TaxGeek 2006 - Your Open Source Solution to Tax Time
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | TaxGeek is a Mozilla-based US income tax program that includes 
> | Form 1040, Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, K-1 (1065), SE (Short
> | and Long), W2, Form 8880, Form 8863, Form 3903, and Form 2441
> | with access to most other files as PDFs.
> `----
> http://taxgeek.sourceforge.net/
> Another common excuse bites the dust.

Up here in Canada we have numerous web based tax preparers.
I've been using Ufile.ca for a couple of tax seasons already.
Never have had a problem
Nice thing about Ufile is that you can e-file your return.

Bad thing about using the e-file option though is this year, during 
'routine' software maintenance the government boys  and girls hosed the


Luckily I filed four days before this happened and I got my confirmation

Bobbie the Triple Killer

email Bobbie @ bobbie4R3MOV3TH1S@xxxxxxx
remember to 'remove this'

Bobbie recently switched to Ubuntu 6.
Why? Cause he can, that's why.

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