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[News] [Linux] MIT Brings Linux to Uruguay, IBM Brings Open Source to Western Michigan University

Uruguay Children Try Low-Cost Laptops

,----[ Quote
| Some children began warming to the computers by playing "Tetris," a
| popular falling-blocks puzzle video game. Later they will explore
| the Linux operating system.


Western Michigan University Teams With IBM to Help Students Build Business
and Technology Skills for the 21st Century

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM is working with partner schools that support open computing standards
| and seek to use open source and IBM technologies for teaching purposes,
| both directly and via the Internet. 


More from Uruguay:

Villa Cardal, Uruguay: Center of worldwide attention

,----[ Quote ]
| The experience was incredible, there are many details to comment
| that I promise to continue blogging in the next days. At the moment
| you can see the gallery of photos that I took in the place.


Related (more photos):

Kids In Jiri Love XO [One Laptop per Child]!

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, the day was a huge success and another significant step
| in raising awareness of XO and just how valuable it can and will
| be to the children of Nepal!


The XO in the Real World

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of the children were able to make it to the congress, walking
| around the showroom with their XO?s and showing attendees what they
| liked best about the laptop.


Nigerian students power up their laptops

,----[ Quote ]
| Khaled Hassounah, director of Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per
| Child (OLPC) program in Africa and the Middle East, has spent the
| last year touring schools in Nigeria. He and his team chose a school
| 10 miles outside Nigeria's capital, Abuja, to deploy the company's
| first child-friendly laptops in the region.


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