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[News] Another Lost Battle for DRM Endeavours

With or without discriminatory restrictions, here's another loss:

Sony sued over Blu-ray

,----[ Quote ]
| The suit, which names Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony
| Pictures and Sony DADC, claims that products marketed under the 
| Blu-ray name infringe on a patent Target owns for reflective-layer
| materials in optical discs.


A Simple Way to Stand Up Against the Latest Assault on Digital Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| For many in the tech community, this encryption scheme, known as the 
| Advanced Access Content System (AACS), felt like a final slap in the
| face from an entertainment industry whose recording branch sues
| kids for downloading music and whose movie branch makes crappy
| sequels that you can't even watch on your good Linux computer
| (you guessed it -- not authorized).



Jobs gains support from Yahoo, Monster on DRM issue

,----[ Quote ]
| "I've long advocated removing DRM on music because there is already a
| lot of music available without DRM, and it just makes things
| complicated for the user," Dave Goldberg, head of Yahoo Music,
| told the Silicon Valley Watcher.
| [...]
| "Monster Cable shares Mr. Jobs' vision of breaking constraints for
| legal music downloads," said Lee. "We've always believed in the
| power of music. So much so, we launched Monster Music to introduce
| high definition surround to the world without restrictions."


Yahoo Music, SanDisk chiefs urge labels to 'ditch DRM'

,----[ Quote ]
| A senior Yahoo chief has spoken out in favour of Apple CEO Steve
| Jobs' call for major labels to abandon digital rights technology (DRM).
| Dave Goldberg, head of Yahoo Music, says that tracks sold through
| his service in MP3 format sell much faster than rights-protected tunes. 


The slow death of DRM

,----[ Headings ]
| * A disaster of historical proportions
| * Consumer litigation against DRM
| * Digital growth is flagging
| * Pressure to dump DRM


Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

,----[ Quote ]
| Few people know the music industry better than Peter Jenner. Pink
| Floyd's first manager, who subsequently managed Syd Barrett's solo
| career, Jenner has also looked after T.Rex, The Clash, Ian Dury,
| Disposable Heroes and Billy Bragg - who he manages today. He's also
| secretary general of the International Music Managers Forum.


EMI mulls sales of unprotected songs

,----[ Quote ]
| Music label EMI Group is in talks to release a large portion of
| its music catalog for Web sales without technological protections
| against piracy that are included in most music bought over the
| Internet now, sources said Thursday.


Microsoft: We Like DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Jobs wants the music business to drop restrictions for digital
| tunes. But Microsoft, which began competing head to head with Apple
| in the digital music business last fall, is happy with the way things
| are, says media exec Robbie Bach.


Music industry set to abandon DRM shocka 

,----[ Quote ]
| Surprise, surprise, surprise. After all the lawsuits we've been
| reporting about, all the fiasco's we've been through (Microsoft
| incompatible trio MSN-Plays For Sure-Zune), and now, it seems
| that music industry executives are finally thinking with their
| senses and not with their ill-fated techno-paranoid logic.


Holland Considers Banning DRM, Legalizing Filesharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year the Dutch tried to tax all MP3 players, but that proposal
| didn't make it into law. But not to worry, they have other brilliant
| ideas. Earlier this week, Dutch politicians suggested that it might
| be a good idea to tax Internet traffic, and use this money to
| compensate the music industry. This, under the condition that
| DRM is abandoned, and people can't be charged for downloads. Say
| what?


Apple DRM illegal in Norway: Ombudsman

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's digital rights management lock on its iPod device and iTunes
| software is illegal, the Consumer Ombudsman in Norway has ruled. The
| blow follows the news that Germany and France are joining Norway's
| action against Apple.


Record labels rethink digital rights management at Midem

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that even digital music revenue growth is faltering amid
| rampant file-sharing by consumers, the major record labels are
| closer than ever to releasing music on the Internet with no
| copying restrictions -- a step they once vowed never
| to take.


VirginMega adopts DRM-free MP3 on its music store

,----[ Quote ]
| VirginMega.fr, by Lagardere, is adding more than 200,000 tracks
| available in the MP3 256k format. So far, the store only offered
| Microsoft's PlayForSure WMA 192k tracks, and only made a few
| tracks available as an experiment in a similar way as Yahoo did.
| However, France is the first country where a full-DRM store adopts
| MP3 on a large scale.


EMI abandons CD DRM 

,----[ Quote ]
| EMI has announced that it will no longer infect its CDs with DRM. I
| remember just a few years ago when an EMI customer-service rep sent
| an email to an irate customer promising that every CD in Europe would
| have DRM within a decade.


Amazon Soon Opening DRM-free MP3 Store

,----[ Quote ]
| Looks like rumors are afloat that Amazon is planning on a late
| first quarter 2007 launch of a new music download store. In an
| already crowded music download market, Amazon hopes to differentiate
| itself in two major ways...


Music to be offered in MP3 file format

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of selling online music digitally wrapped with copy
| and playback restrictions designed to hinder piracy, major music
| labels are beginning to make some songs available in the
| unrestricted MP3 file format.


Microsoft launches 'PlayReady' DRM system

,----[ Quote ]
| Although digital rights management (DRM) is popular with content
| creators, it has attracted criticism. Sony was widely attacked after
| using a rootkit-like application to hide content protection on some
| music CDs, and earlier this month Apple CEO Steve Jobs called on
| the music industry to drop its use of DRM.


Vista Month: Welcome To The DRM?

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite some software snafu's, notably iTunes and Camera Raw data
| mangling, we've been cautiously optimistic about Windows Vista.
| However there is one elephant in the room that we haven't addressed
| -- DRM. As it ships Windows Vista has support for DRM built
| into very low-level areas of the OS.


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