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[News] [Rival] Dirty Tricks Inside Microsoft?

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Dirty Tricks Inside Microsoft?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 01:03:08 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott is out

,----[ Quote ]
| Stuart Scott, who joined Microsoft in 2005 as Corporate Vice President and 
| Chief Information Officer, has left was ousted from the company, as of 
| November 5 for violating company policies, Microsoft officials said.  


Microsoft won't comment about the reason. It figures.

Was someone by any chance 'paying' African countries to choose Windows
(hypothetical)? Microsoft cannot even control crooks inside its own territory
(examples below).


Microsoft Lawyer Fees Focus in Iowa

,----[ Quote
| Microsoft settled the Iowa case for $179.95 million in April.


Ecuador Tax Agency Closes Microsoft Branch Offices For 7 Days

,----[ Quote ]
| "We have twice requested balances, payment reports and complete tax 
| information, but the company hasn't given it to us, so in accordance with our 
| laws we have proceeded with the closure," the SRI official in charge of the 
| proceeding said.   


Microsoft Office raid in Hungary

,----[ Quote ]
| "Such behavior could lead to the exclusion of competitive products from 
| the market and violate European Union rules, according to the authority 
| known as the GVH."


[Mandriva CEO:] An open letter to Steve Ballmer

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow! I’m impressed, Steve! What have you done for these guys to change their 
| mind like this? It’s pretty clear to me, and it will be clear to everyone. 
| How do you call what you just did Steve, in the place where you live? In my 
| place, they give it various names, I’m sure you know them.   
| Hey Steve, how do you feel looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning?
| Of course, I will keep fighting this one and the next one, and the next one. 
| You have the money, the power, and maybe we have a different sense of ethics 
| you and I, but I believe that hard work, good technology and ethics can win 
| too.   


Industry Moves: Microsoft Appoints New Head of Zune Unit

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Div. President Robbie Bach sent an e-mail 
| on Oct. 4 notifying staff of this. Thompson will report to J Allard...he 
| worked with Allard on the original Xbox business. Several of the early Xbox 
| cohorts are already on the Zune team, the story says and quotes 
| Allard: "We're getting the gang back together."    
`----            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Microsoft exec dumped stock prior to Red Ring announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| To make matters more murky, the sales were not registered with the Securities 
| and Exchange Commission within the mandatory two days of the transaction, a 
| result of an alleged "administrative error." Microsoft has since remedied the 
| issue by following the "procedures required of late-filers."   


Microsoft's Bach sold more stock before Xbox news

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. executive Robbie Bach sold $3 million more in company stock 
| during the period leading up to an announcement about a costly flaw in its 
| Xbox video game console than previously reported, according to a filing 
| Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.   


Insider Trading Hasn't Affect Microsoft Stock - Yet

,----[ Quote ]
| MarketWatch.com reports that Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's
| Entertainment and Devices division, sold $6.2 million of Microsoft
| stock just prior to announcing that Microsoft was going to have to 
| extend XBox 360 warranties to three years because of extensive 
| failures. The filings note that this was not part of any 
| scheduled diversification or selling program; this was a 
| conscious, unscheduled sale by the guy in charge of releasing 
| news that could affect the value of Microsoft stock.
| [...]
| Insider trading is a very serious violation of the law; just 
| ask Martha Stewart, who served five months in prison for 
| avoiding losses of $43,000 through trades that just had suspicious 
| timing (no insider trading was actually proven). This is $6.3 
| million that went straight into Robbie Bach's pocket.


“I’m thinking of hitting the OEMs harder than in the past with anti-Linux. …
they should do a delicate dance”

             –Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Chief

“Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I’m going to fucking bury that guy, I
have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill

             –Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

“Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to
everything it touches.”

             –Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

“We should whack them [Dell over Linux dealings], we should make sure they
understand our value.”

             –Paul Flessner, Senior Vice President, Server Applications Unit

“I’d be glad to help tilt lotus into into the death spiral. I could do it
Friday afternoon but not Saturday. I could do it pretty much any time the
following week.”

             –bradsi, Microsoft

“We need to slaughter Novell before they get stronger….If you’re going to kill
someone, there isn’t much reason to get all worked up about it and angry. You
just pull the trigger. Any discussions beforehand are a waste of time. We need
to smile at Novell while we pull the trigger.”

             –Jim Allchin, Platform Group Vice President

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