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Re: [News] People Move to Linux, Done with Windows (Even Patents)

Hentje den Klotsoksel wrote:
> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
> news:39717828.1cHPQtmNdl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Survey: Desktop Linux use grows
> Liar!
> http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2
> -- 
> http://linuxidiots.blogspot.com/2007/09/roy-schestowitz-liar.html

Excuse me, but, those stats are from user modifidied logs on servers
that monitor 40,000 servers selected for their Microsoft applications or

Most users of other OSes have their non-IE browser report that it is IE,
signifying Microsoft Windows usage, when, actually, Opera, Firefox,
Seamonkey, Safari can report they are IE on Windows.  IE can also run on
other OSes, too, as on Wine or VMWare, or Parallels, or Bootcamp!

Then, Microsoft tries to also report their marketing strength by quoting
product stuffed down the pipeline, some of which is lost, destroyed,

The truth is that there are statistics, damned statistics, and lies.

The majority of users of other OSes don't jump to register themselves as
using a specific OS or browser, that they legally downloaded or
collected from a free mailout, or got off a magazine cover.

We don't see the desktops of Linux in Largo, or schools in 41 states, or
at IBM, the NYSE, major banks, Reuters News Networks, or Reuters
Financials, or the FAA, CIA, NSA, DOD, DOT,  being reported.

Where is the report of FreeBSD use by Yahoo, Hotmail?   Linux use by
Microsoft (the Redmond Campus "Linux Lab 400" Linux systems, 15,000
leased Akamai Linux servers for Microsoft.com and MSN.com, and the
hundreds of Aruba Linux firewall/routers needed at Corp.)?

 1 million clustered Linux machines at Google, tens of millions at
Fortune Corporations, or Hollywood's Linux Clusters used for every movie
from "Titanic - 1997" thru "Shrek 3"?

How about the Emergency Responder Linux systems nationwide running 911
systems?  How many Linux systems are saving lives?  Does your Hospital
or Veterinarian report the use of Linux to run their infrastructure, and
some medical embedded devices?

It is left to the word of Microsoft Market and PR agents.  Another
one-sided report.  Does Zune work in Vista, yet?  What about the
situation with drivers lacking in Vista?  Is the report true -
Virus,Instability,Spyware,Trojans,Adware?  OH! Everyone runs 9 addon
programs to fight those problems in Vista?

GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, are free, FREE, and immune to the million
Microsoft virus/malware/trojan/exploits.

Run what you can cope with, if you have the capability to learn new

Always use an IPCOP.org firewall with spamassassin and Dan's Guardian,
as a first defense.

But, just quit, already, with the stupid, irrelevant, inaccurate
statistics and PR super sales hype.  Microsoft's stock has been
flatlined since the late 90's, while other tech. stocks have grown in value.

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