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[News] PCLinuxOS 2007 More Than Prepared to Takes on Vista; CentOS Reviewed

  • Subject: [News] PCLinuxOS 2007 More Than Prepared to Takes on Vista; CentOS Reviewed
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 10:19:35 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Could PCLinuxOS 2007 Spell Death for Windows on the Desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| Goodbye Windows. Maybe you can have the server market now. Oh wait, Linux 
| does that better, too. Never mind. 


Is CentOS 5.0 Worth Every Penny?

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS is a Linux distribution based on the ever reliable Red Hat Enterprise 
| Linux (RHEL). The name stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System and 
| is not related to a coin.   



PCLinuxOS - the new Number One distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| PCLinuxOS As many of you noticed, PCLinuxOS has overtaken Ubuntu in our Page 
| Hit Ranking statistics and is currently occupying the top spot on the default 
| 6-month view for the first time.   


Heavenly Hardware Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Printer, camera, scanner--all detected and configured in less than 2 minutes. 
| PCLinuxOS has knocked my socks off! 


PCLinuxOS gaining more popularity than Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| This may not be as absurd a claim as you may think, especially when you take 
| into consideration the minor backlash that Ubuntu has experienced. So is 
| PCLinuxOS the next poster-child of usable Linux?   


PCLinuxOS: Linux Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| One notable difference from Mandriva is the program used to install 
| extra software. We found this much easier to use and includes useful 
| software such as graphics drivers.
| Unlike some other distributions, PCLinuxOS can play back 
| proprietary multimedia files (including wma, mp3, mpg, rm, 
| mov) without having to install extra software. DVD playback 
| software is not included but can be installed with the 
| standard installation tool.


Review: PcLinuxOS 2007 

,----[ Quote ]
| While PcLinuxOS does still have a bit of growing to do, out of all the
| linux distributions out there, I'd easily rate this one as the best in 
| every way because of all that it does, how easy it is to use, how ready
| it is to use out of the box, and most especially in the area of 
| appeasing both camps, the new user and the experienced user.


PClinuxOS 2007.0 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| I am a Kubuntu user since version 6.06. However, that hasn't made
| me blindly consider (k)ubuntu to be the best linux distro; I am
| always open to newcomers. In recent days, PClinuxOS 2007.0 was 
| released, and quickly hit the top of of the distrowatch charts.
| I decided to download it and give this relatively new distribution
| a text run on my Acer Aspire 5050 laptop, nicknamed the geebee.


CentOS 5 as a Desktop System

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS 5 is a stable system which can be user either as a server OS or
| as a desktop system for a normal user. The latter requires a few
| modifications in the default installation (like the performance
| fixes mentioned in the article), but after the tweaking is done,
| it works great and is worth recommending.


Dollars and CentOS 4.5: Updating Up2date

,----[ Quote ]
| I continue to be impressed with the way CentOS/Red Hat is laid out. There are 
| tons of management tools, and mousing over just about anything on the screen 
| causes small "help" boxes to open up. Nice touch.  


Review: CentOS 5 

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS 5.0 gets high marks from me for a lot of what they do, but looses a 
| few points for some of the things they either forgot to do, or chose not to 
| do. For business use, it’s a well rounded Linux distribution that’s ready for 
| the desktop for certain. But for the portable user and the home user, I feel 
| that it needs to grow a bit more before it will find its way onto my 
| shortlist of recommended Linux distributions. With what I’ve seen, I’d really 
| love for it to reach that level at some point, but for now it’s not. But I 
| must say, the developers have done well and I look forward to future versions 
| and all the great new things that they will be bringing about in the years to 
| come!         


A First Look At CentOS 5

,----[ Quote ]
| After what has become a few weeks with it, I believe CentOS 5 is a
| worthy successor to previous versions.  If you're in the market for
| an easy to use Linux operating system, you will find me suggesting it.


CentOS The Red Hat Clone  

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of the free, community-based CentOS 5 Enterprise Linux so
| soon after the RHEL 5 release is hardly a surprise; the same thing
| happened with RHEL 4 two years ago. Nor does Red Hat consider CentOS
| a competitor, but rather a distribution that fills a need. The
| company also said CentOS will help it grow its business.


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