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Re: [News] OSNews Paid for Microsoft's Big Lie Propaganda

"Jeanette" <jrusso2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> DFS wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Microsoft launch campaign worthy of a politician in it's vagueness
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> Anyway - it pissed me off.. so here I am. Go check it out yourself.
>>>> I'd give you the link, but better still go to http://www.osnews.com
>>>> and you'll find the ad on pretty much any linux related page.
>>>> Click it and let Microsoft pay for their propaganda campaign.
>>> `----
>>> http://linuxscorecard.blogspot.com/2007/09/this-blog-will-spring-back-to-life.html
>>> Other sites include Linux.com, Slashdot, eWeek... among many more.
>>> They sell their soul to an aggressive propagandist.
>> Linux-oriented websites accepting anti-Linux advertisements is nothing 
>> new. How friggin' desperate for a few bucks can you be?  Can you imagine 
>> a Chevy dealer putting up anti-Chevy/pro-Ford posters right in their 
>> showrooms?
>> Also, you Linux/OSS idiots (on cola and elsewhere) are far, far, far more 
>> guilty of propaganda than MS could ever be.
>> Also, why haven't any Linux vendors mounted a hard-hitting web campaign? 
>> Cost, of course.  Since Linux cheapo freeloaders don't contribute much 
>> money, the vendors can't do decent marketing.

> Why not take microsoft's money?   We don't even read that microsoft FUD. 
> The joke is on them.

Riiight. I'm sure that Microsoft is getting absolutely nothing in return for 
running their ads on linux sites. There is absolutely nothing gained there 
so they are doing so just to give free money away to linux sites.

If you believe that then you are even dumber than Schestowitz.

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