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Re: [News] The "Wow" May Finally be Found... in GNU/Linux

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Fri, 19 Oct 2007 13:24:07 +0100
> I have lost my Wow
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | With PCs or laptops at my house now containing Windows, Linux, and Apple 
> | computers, I'm a three-operating system household.  
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | Perhaps, I'll be saying "Wow" when KDE4 for Linux is released. 
> `----
> http://cmsreport.com/node/1269

This is assuming Windows Vista ever had the "wow" to
begin with, except perhaps the sardonic notion of "Wow.
I could have installed Linux instead and bought lots of
extra hardware, and I got *this* junk?".  :-)

It's a saturated market out there, especially with mobiles
becoming increasingly like computers, and computers
becoming increasingly mobile.

    "Computers in the future will contain 1,000 vacuum tubes
    and probably weigh more than 1.5 tons".
    - Popular Mechanics, 1949

(There are a number of variants of this quote flitting
around the Internet, and I'm not at all sure of its
accuracy, but I'm too lazy to look up the issue in a public
library -- assuming such issues are even available in the
Perodicals section nowadays.)

A scan for "lightest, sleekest phones" suggests 2.7
ounces, and include such things as 1.3 megapixel cameras
and Bluetooth, as contemporary counterexamples to this
amusing quote.


One might also look at, among other things,


which shows the BINAC, EDSAC, Manchester Mark I,
EDVAC, Pilot ACE, IBM CP(e)C, SWAC, Mark III.  This is
approximately the machines in service at the time George
Orwell's book _1984_ was first being sold -- the book is
still very eerie, but parts of it such as the transmittal
of paper slips (New York still has pneumatic tubes, which
is presumably where he got the idea) are increasingly
anachronistic, even if one discounts things such as the
price of commodities such as chocolate :-).  10 cents for

(One wonders whatever happened to that
"DSIR ACE Pilot Model 1950 NPL" placard/masthead/logo sign.
I don't think that would fit in one's pocket, never mind
the glowing tubes and plugboard it's attached to.  And then
there's the heat removal/air conditioning...)

> Related:
> KDE4 is Very Attractive
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | KDE4 will be a big step towards an enterprise software business based on free 
> | software. The software on the big servers is there already, the desktop is 
> | next. - kdedevelopers blogs  
> `----
> http://linux.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/kde4-is-very-attractive/

A cross platform solution.  Hm.  I suppose that makes sense
for MacOSX and Linux, but Vista?  Still...some consider
Windows a challenge worthy of being risen to.  (I'm not
sure I do, but it's all organization and how one deals
with data, user presentation/UI, etc.  However, Windows
*is* relatively open, if one knows where to stick in the
crowbar, and efforts such as Cygwin are also available to
lay down the X foundation KDE 3 currently needs.  Also,
Microsoft may welcome such efforts, to sucker in a new
generation for later lock-in.)

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
If your CPU can't stand the heat, get another fan.

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