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[News] Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Gently Sweeps Windows Aside with MBR

A very cool way to experience Ubuntu...on Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Shuttleworth points to an excellent way to let Ubuntu Linux newbies give 
| it a try without leaving the comfort of their Windows machines 


Ubuntu Leader Praises Windows, Wants its Customers

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Shuttleworth, leader of the Ubuntu development community, offers kind 
| words for Microsoft's Windows - - but sounds more like someone who is 
| plotting to steal customers away from the Windows platform.  
| In a blog item titled, "Playing nicely with Windows," Shuttleworth calls 
| Windows "an important platform," and then praises an open-source application  
| called WUBI that allows Ubuntu to be installed onto a Windows PC. What makes 
| WUBI different than other technology is that, instead of creating a virtual 
| machine or installing Ubuntu into a partition, it installs the Linux OS into 
| a file on the PC.     


Playing nicely with Windows



Vista SP1 won't install on dual-boot systems: Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re dualbooting Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate alongside a Linux 
| distro, and have installed the Linux bootloader into the MBR, then you’re 
| guaranteed to run into problems when installing Vista Service Pack 1, 
| Microsoft has admitted.   


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