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[News] New Lawsuit, Sinking Profits for Charity-killing Microsoft Pal

Intel earnings fall by 12 per cent

,----[ Quote ]
| AGAINST THE previous quarter Intel’s Q1 08 numbers are all minuses, $9.7 
| billion revenue is down 10%, net income of $1.4 billion is minus 36 per cent. 


Despite the bribes. Despite sabotaging a charity along with Microsoft. Despite
destroying criminal evidence. Despite badmouthing competitors with lies...

Intel sues and Intel gets sued

,----[ Quote ]
| In the first case, Intel is being sued by one Philip Jackson for allegedly 
| breaching a patent he owns. The patent in question is 4,596,900 which has the 
| snappy title of “Phone Line Linkted Tone Operated Control Device.   


"(..) current PC technology is totally sufficient for most office tasks and
consumers desires and (..) any performance bottleneck is not in today’s PC’s
but in today’s COM pipes. This in itself might slow down replacement cycles
and life time shortening until we find true MIPS eating applications - a
priority not only Intel should subscribe to."

                --Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Chief

"We have increased our prices over the last 10 years (while) other component
prices have come down and continue to come down."
                --Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Chief

"I’m thinking of hitting the OEMs harder than in the past with anti-Linux. ...
they should do a delicate dance"

                --Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Chief


,----[ Quote ]
| That [Linux] software effort does not have the support of Mr. Otellini, who
| is concerned about incurring Microsoft's wrath, the executive said.
| The two companies have a long history of tension over who controls
| the hardware and software direction of the "Wintel standard." Intel
| has said it is supporting both operating systems.


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel 


Has Vista lost all credibility?


E-mail: Microsoft 'botched' dealings with Intel, HP

,----[ Quote ]
| Internal Microsoft e-mails revealed through a federal class-action lawsuit 
| arising from the troubled launch last year of the Windows Vista operating 
| system have provided a provocative inside look at the software giant's 
| machinations with Intel, HP and Dell.   
| The e-mails include an exchange in which one senior Microsoft executive 
| described dealings with computer makers as "really botched." Another manager 
| complained Microsoft was "caving to Intel" and "really burning HP."  
| The e-mails are included in 145 pages of documents unsealed by U.S. District 
| Judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle late Wednesday. They include internal 
| reports and some handwritten notes that offer a rare look inside at the 
| famed "Wintel" partnership, and touch upon the alliance's dealings with 
| Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other computer makers.    


World gov'ts more aggressive on bribe probes-study

,----[ Quote ]
| Companies under investigation for violations of U.S. bribery laws will likely 
| face heightened scrutiny from law enforcement officials all over the world as 
| probes widen and spill across borders, a study found.  


Intel overwhelmed by EU complaints

,----[ Quote ]
| So many charges, so little time.
| Intel Chairman Craig Barrett appears overwhelmed by a European Union 
| investigation into the company's actions. Earlier this month, European 
| Competition Commission officials busted open Intel offices in Munich, hunting 
| for documents related to alleged price fixing with retailers. That raid added 
| to an existing EC investigation into Intel's business practices.    


Microsoft, Intel and Dell: The Tech Love Triangle 

,----[ Quote ]
| It is becoming well known that Microsoft have achieved their current market 
| share status by making major computer manufacturers sign licensing deals, so 
| as to distribute a copy of Windows with every computer sold. What many people 
| don't realise, is how difficult it is to get a computer from the 
| manufacturers without Windows.    
| [...]
| This is first-hand experience of the power of Microsoft's monopolistic 
| practices, and it really does annoy me. It seems not so long ago that I 
| praised Dell for their support, but along with Microsoft, they have now lost 
| a customer entirely.   
| Needless to say, we are now looking to buy a system from a local shop with no 
| OS. 



Investors sue Dell on payments from Intel: WSJ

,----[ Quote ]
| An investor lawsuit seeking class-action status accuses Dell Inc. of
| improper accounting in its relationship with chip giant Intel,
| according to a media report published Thursday evening.
| [...]
| The suit alleges that Dell received at times as much as $1 billion
| a year in "secret and likely illegal" kickbacks in the form of
| "e-Cap" or "exception to corporate average pricing" payments"
| from Intel to ensure that Dell used no other chip supplier,
| according to The Journal.


Microsoft tries to stop more ‘Vista-capable’ e-mails from going public

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is trying to put the kibosh on more of its internal (and 
| embarassing) e-mail messages around its Vista marketing plans going public. 
| [...]
| With every version of Windows, Microsoft has worked with hardware partners to 
| find new ways to try to convince users they need more and more powerful 
| machines to take advantage of more feature-rich software. If Microsoft and 
| its partners were/are successful, it means more money in the PC makers’ and 
| Microsoft’s coffers. With Vista, this pact really back-fired, as the already 
| published e-mails around Vista-capable — and more, as-yet-unpublicized 
| messages — will make evident.      



Intel: doing the dirty on OLPC

,----[ Quote ] 
| Intel’s agreement with the OLPC Foundation included a ‘non disparagement’ 
| clause, under which Intel and One Laptop promised not to criticize each 
| other, according to Nicholas Negroponte in the latest article in the Wall 
| Street Journal.   
| Still Intel tactics have violated that repeatedly to kill OLPC efforts in 
| Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, India, China and Intel is also still trying to pull 
| those tactics in Mexico, Brazil.  
| This is simply disgracefull of Intel, scandalous.
| But Negroponte has signed an agreement saying that he is not allowed to 
| criticize Intel, so he is not allowed to talk about these shameless tactics 
| even though Intel is the one violating the agreement.  
| So only independant voices on the Internet can get those messages of truth 
| out about Intels tactics. 
| In Nigeria, Intel came and donated 3000 laptops to counter OLPC efforts, then 
| sells 17 thousand Classmates to Nigeria at a loss. 
| Then Microsoft corrupted Nigerian officials with 400 thousand dollars to 
| install Windows XP on those instead of Mandriva Linux. 


Why the XO Laptop is better than the Classmate

,----[ Quote ]
| There's been some awful FUD flying around the OLPC world in the last few 
| days, with misquotes, misinformation, and flat out lies being propagated left 
| and right. Even Engadget, one of the better geektech blogs out there, got it 
| completely wrong regarding OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen's departure from the 
| project.    
| [...]
| Classmate is more expensive, consumes 10 times the power, has 1/3 the wifi 
|              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| range, and can't be used outside. Also, the Classmate doesn't use neighboring 
| laptops to extend the reach of the internet via hopping (mesh-networking) 
| like the XO does. So not only is the XO cheaper than the Classmate, the XO 
| requires less infrastructre expenditure for electricity and for internet 
| access.     


Intel-powered XO is too expensive and consumes too much power

,----[ Quote ]
| 2 days before Intel CEO Paul Otellini would unveil the Classmate 2 or the 
| Intel-powered XO at the CES, Intel announced that they are quitting the OLPC 
| board.  
| Intel claims that they are quitting because of Nicholas Negroponte wanting 
| them to stop the promotion of the Classmate/Eee to education in third world 
| countries, but I think that the real reason is that Intel does not have a 
| good enough processor for the OLPC project to use as an alternative to the 
| AMD Geode LX-700. Intel has not been able to develop a processor to match the 
| price, power consumption and performance requirements of the OLPC project. 
| Paul Otellini could have looked like a fool at the CES if he had to unveil an 
| Intel powered XO that was performing worse in terms of price and power 
| consumption compared to the AMD powered one.        


Negroponte says Intel should be "ashamed of itself" 

,----[ Quote ]
| He is furious that Intel's CEO Craig Barrett called the One Laptop a
| gadget. The Negroponte initiative is caught in the middle of a vicious 
| fight between AMD and Intel, he said.


One Laptop Per Child - Production Delays Caused By Microsoft, Intel?

,----[ Quote ]
| I sincerely hope that no matter what the people who are running the
| OLPC project decide, that their project will continue and not get
| bogged down in a play of corporate greed and ambitions.


Poor Kids' Laptop Cranks Up

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates earlier this year told the Microsoft
| Government Leaders Forum, "Geez, get a decent computer where you can
| actually read the text and you?re not sitting there cranking the thing
| while you're trying to type" (see Bill Gates Mocks $100 Laptop).


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