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Re: [News] Review of PC-BSD 1.5, K-DEMar (GNU/Linux) 4.5 Released

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Review: PC-BSD 1.5  
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | PC-BSD, a strong contender for the top desktop distribution out there, has 
> | once again grown, going from version 1.3 to 1.5 in just under a year.  In 
> | that time it's grown, prospered, and had it's fair share of growing pains as 
> | well.  But version 1.5 is only one subversion up from the previous version 
> | 1.4 that we reviewed.  So what makes version 1.5 better than its predecessors 
> | and worth a look from us?  Well, let's have a look.      
> `----
> http://www.raiden.net/?cat=2&aid=400

I tested PC-BSD 1.4 and was pretty enthusiast about the distro. It has
two issues IMHO: its license (I personally prefer the GNU General Public
License over the BSD License) and it's "package management", which is
"Click and Run" alike and the distro also provides a GUI front end for
the ports collection.

My conclusion in the article "Joe Sixpack goes BSD" was already: We long
term GNU/Linux users, must be a bunch of spoiled bast.... .

What do I have against the ports collection?

Well from a recent discussion in a Dutch NG, featuring a Sabayon User.
It seems that the advantage of compiling ports yourself is pretty
limited. So why going true a lot of hassle if its almost not worth the

Of course PC-PSD has some educational value to those who want an
introduction to BSD and the ports collection. Yet again is it really
worth the afford with 300+ active GNU/Linux distributions with great
package managment systems?


|_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin
|_|_|0| http://ml2mst.googlepages.com
|0|0|0| http://osgeex.blogspot.com

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