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[News] Vista Installation a Pain; New Release of Chinese GNU/Linux Distribution (CDlinux)

  • Subject: [News] Vista Installation a Pain; New Release of Chinese GNU/Linux Distribution (CDlinux)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 14:34:32 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Linux Install Too Complicated? Try a Vista Install

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, if this guide is the way to clean install Vista, then don't ever tell me 
| that Windows users are unable to follow guides for Linux or *BSD 
| installations. If they can manage with this one for Vista, they can 
| definitely manage Linux installs.   


Here is a new release of a long-standing distribution:

CDlinux 0.6.1



My Lack of Confidence in Vista SP1

,----[ Quote ]
| News Commentary. While troubleshooting a friend's Outlook woes, I found 
| Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ready for download and installation. I couldn't 
| risk it.   
| [...]
| My buddy loves Microsoft, but he detests Windows Vista. On Saturday, for the 
| umpteenth time, he praised Microsoft while we were driving to pick up his son 
| from playing paintball. See, my bookseller friend remembers trying to 
| automate his business before there was DOS—how much it cost and how little 
| benefit he got from the money spent.     
| [...]
| He had no idea what was there. My buddy smiled: "Hey, I just do what they 
| tell me," referring to Microsoft and the Office 2007 trial conversion. 
| The computer had more pep after the software removal, but I haven't heard 
| whether or not Outlook is behaving better. My friend is ready to move to 
| another e-mail program; he asked about Mozilla Thunderbird. The bookseller 
| had heard of the software because of Firefox, which his son had installed on 
| the computer. Apparently, IE 7 also frequently crashes.     


Angry Vista Users Vent Over SP1 Driver Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| The service pack is being withheld from machines containing one or more of 
| the listed drivers, because, as Microsoft put it in a support 
| document, "these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based 
| computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1."   
| That made an industry analyst wonder about Microsoft's driver testing 
| process. "When Microsoft said there were problems with drivers, I assumed it 
| was some odd scanner or camera, or an ancient printer or something," said 
| Michael Cherry, analyst with Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland, Wash.-based 
| research firm. "But then I saw the list. It makes me wonder what's going on 
| with device driver testing.     


Vista SP1: Threat or Menace?

,----[ Quote ]
| The multimillion-dollar question is whether SP1 will be the hoped-for 
| catalyst that triggers a widespread migration from XP to Vista. The Service 
| Pack may help to allay concerns about code quality, but the perception that 
| Vista's benefits simply don't outweigh the risk of the upgrade remains a 
| challenge for Microsoft, particularly among business users.    


So Microsoft, Why Can’t I Get Windows Vista SP1?

,----[ Quote ]
| Hey Microsoft, how about a tool that might tell users a) what the problem is, 
| b) where to get a new driver (if possible)? Seems to be that it wouldn’t be 
| that much work for Microsoft (well, maybe, to keep it up to date, but it 
| would really help end user satisfaction).   


Windows Vista SP1 Flunks Out At Penn

,----[ Quote ]
| University of Pennsylvania tech staffers are advising faculty and students 
| not to upgrade to the new service pack for Microsoft's Windows Vista 
| operating system.   


Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has acknowledged that the service pack will not install on 
| computers that use “incompatible” peripheral device drivers from the likes of 
| Realtek and Intel. 


Re: Configurating updates: stage 3 of 3 stuck in endless reboot loop  

,----[ Quote ]
| My install of the SP1 RC Refesh has gone wrong.
| Everytime I start the computer it says:
| Configurating updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete
| And then reboots, and reboots, and reboots ... I had it rebooting for over an 
| hour before I stopped the madness. 
| All the safe modes does the same, so how do I uninstall the installer, 
| without being able to log in? 


MS fixes Vista SP1 glitch

,----[ Quote ]
| The upshot is that MS reckons all the problems have been knocked on the head 
| and that everything will now be hunky dory. 


My experience with Mandriva (and 64 bit)

,----[ Quote ]
| So after reinstalling windows, hunting down drivers, and setting everything 
| up properly, I realized that all I really needed in windows was steam. Since 
| I had a fresh reinstall, that would mean I had to download and install 
| everything. I’ve always wanted to try Linux, but it was always impractical, 
| since I had some stuff installed that I needed, and it would take ages to get 
| everything working smoothly on Linux. But now, with a fresh reinstall, why 
| not install Linux as well? I downloaded it as I was working with the sound 
| card drivers, and as soon as everything was working properly, I burned it 
| onto a DVD and started it up.        


Installing a modern Linux distribution  

,----[ Quote ]
| A modern Linux install should take no more than forty-five minutes for the 
| initial install and maybe an hours worth of tweaking to get the missing bits 
| running the way the user wants this may take longer with more complected 
| setups like using ATI or NVIDIA cards with Compiz.   


Ubuntu 8.04 beta: an agile upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest build of everyone's favorite open source desktop OS features 
| better performance, Active Directory integration, and seamless installation 
| from Windows   
| [...]
| If this first taste is any indication, however, Ubuntu 8.04 is shaping up to 
| be a worthy upgrade for existing users and a good jumping-on point for new 
| ones. Wubi, in particular, makes it ideal for anyone who has hesitated to 
| give Linux a try before now. Look for the final version to be available in 
| April.     



Vista Ultimate vs. Ubuntu 7.04 - Which Install Is Easier?

,----[ Quote ]
| So less than 3 hours into this experiment, I have both Vista and Ubuntu 
| installed and patched. Both systems are stable, more or less, but both 
| systems have quirks. Neither system worked perfectly, but much to my surprise 
| the Ubuntu system worked better, (once I got the keyboard working). More 
| hardware worked without needing to download additional drivers. More over, 
| there is moreover, the desktop that I do have is more functional - 
| applications like GIMP, Open Office, and a slew of multi-media apps are far 
| more useful than Wordpad, Paint and the slew of crap that Vista comes with.       


Linux is not only better than windows, it is also easier to install and

,----[ Quote ]
| This post inspired me to write this comparison, side by side, specially 
| where it says, that windows users says that "Linux is hard to install", so I 
| wanted to test it. 


Linux is Easier to Install than Windows!

,----[ Quote ]
| A brief, but honest description of why Linux is better than Windows!


[Installing Linux from Windows] Wubi Review

,----[ Quote ]
| In conclusion, this tool is certainly one of the easiest ways of letting 
| people try Ubuntu without removing Windows or having to partition their hard 
| drive for a dual-boot.  I have enjoyed this tool, and although it is still in 
| beta, it works very well and is very stable.  So, if you are running a 
| computer with Windows and want to give Ubuntu a try, then this is the 
| solution for you.     


Installing Ubuntu, a world without Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| The "Welcome" page will start. I chose English and then I clicked the forward 
| button. On the Time Zone page, you click a city on the map. I clicked St 
| John's, the city listed for the Newfoundland Time Zone. Click forward again. 
| I picked US English keyboard and clicked forward for the third time.   
| Now, the partition wizard starts up. Choose one of the guided installs. You 
| will usually have more than one choice here and they depend on your 
| particular machine. You may be able to resize your existing partition to only 
| use the available space on it, or you can choose to use the full hard drive 
| for Ubuntu.    


Ubuntu 1, Windows 0

,----[ Quote ]
| I installed Ubuntu on the Toshiba laptop. Ubuntu installed in 15 minutes - 49 
| for Windows XP and 125 for Windows Vista. Ubuntu's desktop came right up. I 
| opened the pre-installed Firefox browser and found I could browse the Web 
| immediately. Ubuntu installed a network adaptor for the Toshiba laptop.   
| I shake my head at this Windows foolishness!


The day of the Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea here is that this is something almost anyone can do, almost anywhere 
| in the world, without any central organization or, indeed, any organization 
| at all. This is not Linux World or Linux Continent or Linux Country or Linux 
| State or even Linux City or Linux Village. And it's not a year, a month, or 
| even a week. It's just one day.    


Installing A New Printer. Windows vs. Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows - 40 Minutes
| [...]
| Linux - 2 Minutes
| While I was waiting for the first round of software to install on Windows, I 
| turned to my laptop running Ubuntu to see if I could get it setup to print as 
| well. I launched the printing configuration tool. Clicked on "New Printer". 
| Typed in the IP address I had assigned to the printer and selected the model 
| number.    


How To Install Gutsy Gibbon - A 21 Step Guide For Technical Support

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. “First, insert the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 CD into your cup holder.”
| 2. “Press the power button on your computer, and hold it until it shuts off.”
| 3. “Good. Now press the power button again.”
| 4. “We’re going to see some white on black text fly by, please don’t read it 
|     to me.” 
| 5. “Let me know when you’ve got a screen that says Ubuntu in brown and 
|     orange.” 
| 6. “Ok, press the ‘Enter’ key.”


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