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[News] Universities Turn to Free Open Source Software; Funding Soars

Kuali develops open source financial and ERP applications for universities

,----[ Quote ]
| "Going back 25 years or more, each of us built our own [enterprise systems]," 
| Foutty says. "[Universities] duplicated effort like crazy. Then about 10 to 
| 12 years ago there was a real shift in direction and we started buying 
| systems from Oracle, Datatel, Banner, etc. We realized that was extremely 
| costly, but back then the open source community wasn't robust enough. Now, 
| open source has really evolved to the level where we say, we could do this 
| for our enterprise systems. There's no reason anymore why we can't run this 
| in a community source environment. It's time."       


VCs Pour On Investments For Open-Source Leaders

,----[ Quote ]
| The 451 Group says open-source VC investments totaled $204 million in the 
| first quarter, more than double the year-earlier figure and above the 
| previous record haul of $194 million, set in the fourth quarter of 2006.  
| But companies getting first-round or initial funding garnered a mere $9 
| million, less than 5% of the total and a record low, says the research firm. 



Sun: Economic slowdown favors open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking to ZDNetAsia in an exclusive interview, he said the economic 
| slowdown in the United States will favor open source companies. "During an 
| economic slowdown, not everything slows down [and] IT projects will continue 
| to be undertaken. But IT budgets will be reduced," he said, noting that 
| companies will then turn to lower cost software options such as open source.     


VC funding for open source hits an all-time high

,----[ Quote ]
| Incidentally, total funding to date stands at $2.64bn.


Open-source venture investing hits an all-time high

,----[ Quote ]
| Just when you thought venture interest in open source was quieting down, 
| along comes the biggest quarter in open source's (still young) history: 
| $203.75 million raised, as reported by The 451 Group. This trumped the 
| previous record of $193.6 million from Q4 2006.    


Economic downturn = Financial upturn for GroundWork and open source

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a great time to be in open source. When I see people straining to sell 
| and buy homes, I can smell the recession. But when I go to work selling 
| open-source solutions, I can taste prosperity. A downturn separates the wheat 
| from the chaff. Here's hoping for even more open-source "wheat."   


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