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[News] As Linspire Ballnux Phased Out, More Room Opens for GNU/Linux

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Linspire is going away

,----[ Quote ]
| Linspire, the distribution originally launched as Lindows, is no more, says 
| Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos. 


That'll be more userbase for distros that are not tied to The Beast. It's good.

IBM reconfigures Lotus Foundations for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has reconfigured its Lotus Foundations software, which includes Lotus 
| Notes, Sametime and Symphony, to preload on Linux distributions like Red Hat, 
| Ubuntu and Novell's Suse Linux.  
| The repackaging makes the middleware easier and cheaper to install on Linux 
| PCs and free desktops from Microsoft software, IBM said. 
| The easy availability of collaboration tools could trigger businesses to 
| switch to Linux, IBM executives said at the Linuxworld conference. 



,----[ Quote ]
| [Carmoney [sic]:] "Many disagreed with the MS partnership, but it brought us 
| millions in new sources of revenue, all without having any of the negative 
| effects on the desktop Linux space that some predicted the MS/Linux deals 
| would. I reduced our losses by millions in my first year as CEO, and made 
| millions in profits my second year."    
| He made millions in profit in the short term, by destroying a GNU/Linux 
| company's reputation. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to sell out to 
| Microsoft. Any GNU/Linux distro which has a significant community could pull 
| millions or more by selling out to Microsoft.   



Linspire deal: What will ESR and Shuttleworth do now?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will Shuttleworth continue to collaborate with a company which has now 
| caved in to a protection racket? Or will he do stick to the principle 
| behind the whole FOSS movement and walk away from the deal? We're watching 
| and waiting, Mark.   


Freespire, Linspire, and Microsoft patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft denies that this is the case, and argues that, in particular, the 
| GPLv3 has nothing to do with it. However, with its July 5 Covenant to 
| Customers concerning its Linspire deal, Microsoft is trying to put even more 
| distance between any potential patent claims and the GPLv3.   

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