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[News] OOXML a Useless Format, FOSS-hostile, Baggage of Corruption

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MS-OOXML: A format without a future? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Microsoft's Office Open XML a functional standard, and if not, why is it 
| being rushed through the process? 
| Microsoft's problems with OOXML just won't go away. MS-OOXML was supposed to 
| supplant the Open Document Format (ODF), but is becoming an embarrassment. As 
| a format it betrays its hurried origins, and is over-complex. At best, it has 
| technical problems. At worst, it is barely fit for purpose.   
| Questions are being asked in Europe about the way that Microsoft went about 
| the standardisation process. At least four countries have succeeded in having 
| their objections raised to the fast-tracking of OOXML through the 
| International Standards Organisation (ISO), and as a consequence, the ISO has 
| put the standard on hold, at least for the time being.    
| Microsoft has no date for implementing OOXML on its own platform, but has 
| agreed to implement the rival ODF format on Microsoft Office. Microsoft has 
| given its blessings to ODF by joining the OASIS committees, and to cap it 
| all, a senior Microsoft spokesman has conceded that "ODF has clearly won".   
| Clearly, there is a pressing need for an open standard for document formats. 
| Documents that can be shared across platforms, across products, and across 
| time. The solution to the problem is ODF, which was created by a technical 
| committee of the OASIS industry consortium and has benefited from industry 
| wide participation in its development. ODF gained acceptance as an ISO 
| standard in May 2006.     


The Updated OSP and Free Software Interoperability

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the reasons that the GPL ignorance line was trotted out for so long 
| might have been concern over the the SFLC’s criticism of the OSP.  To put it 
| in simple terms, the OSP does not travel with the code.  So writing a (eg) 
| GPL* implementation of an OSP covered specification in the expectation that 
| the code may be re-used for other things (which is a cornerstone of 
| interactions in the free software community) creates a problem.  That code 
| becomes encumbered by a patent mine which arms itself when the code is 
| (non-conformingly) reused.  At best, even with this addition to the FAQ, the 
| OSP still fails to respect the freedom of free software implementations 
| (whether GPL or otherwise) of covered specifications.**  It is unclear, for 
| example, what effect the “no surrender of others’ freedom” clauses of the 
| relevant GPLs would be in the event of a successful patent action against a 
| non-conforming implementation.            



What do Free and Open Source Software Leaders Think of Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Second, talking about the standards fight in which Microsoft succeeded in
| having its OOXML format accepted as an open standard in rivalry to the ODF
| format favored by OpenOffice.org and other free office applications, Stallman
| notes that "Microsoft corrupted many members of ISO in order to win approval
| for its phony 'open' document format, OOXML. This was so governments that
| keep their documents in a Microsoft-only format can pretend that they are
| using 'open standards.' The government of South Africa has filed an appeal
| against the decision, citing the irregularities in the process."


Recommendation for ODF in Uruguay

,----[ Quote ]
| It is with great pleasure that I present the recommendation of AGESIC (Agency
| for the Development of Government Electronic Management and Information and
| Knowledge Society) of Uruguay, which states that “… the Executive,
| Legislative and Judiciary Powers, Decentralized Organizations and Companies
| where the state holds equity majority… “, shall distribute and receive
| electronic documents in, at least, one open standard for electronic documents
| (ODF or PDF).


ODF keeps on winning: Uruguay

,----[ Quote ]
| The Agency for the Development of Government Electronic Management and
| Information and Knowledge Society of Uruguay have now published their
| recommendation that public documents use either ODF or PDF.

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