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[News] GNU/Linux the Cure to Malware

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MSNBC Spam-O-Rama

,----[ Quote ]
| This is one of the reasons why I'm planning on giving my mother-in-law an 
| Ubuntu Linux laptop soon. She's a sweet, bright lady, but she's also trusting 
| and not at all Internet savvy. Even with the top Windows anti-virus software 
| and spam filters, she'd have to keep them up to date, and eventually 
| something would come through. With a Linux laptop though she could click on 
| every malware link that comes her way and she won't get a bug.     
| We'll never completely stop spam and malware. And, eventually, someone 
| somewhere will come up with a viable Linux virus or malware, but, for now, 
| the best thing to do to stop malware from personally annoying you is to 
| switch to Linux. Short of that, Windows users should continue to keep their 
| protection software updated and be very, very suspicious of any e-mail that 
| sounds a little too 'interesting.'      



9 Linux Myth Debunked

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to Linux there are 3 kinds of people, those who never heard of
| it, those who are afraid of it, and those who hate it and spread falsities
| about it. I don’t really care about the first, they probably aren’t really
| technologically literate anyways, as long as they have E-mail they are
| content. While the second group is the result of the actions of the third.
| Let’s hit two birds with one stone shall we?
| 1-Linux is More Secure Because it Has A Smaller User Base
| It is widely argued that Linux is more secure than Windows just because
| Windows is more popular, so hackers and virus coders tend to focus on the
| more popular platform. Actually, this is just one side of the story There are
| so many other things running for Linux security-wise that totally dispels
| this myth.



Site Exploits Linux Programmer's Death On Rainier To Hawk Malware

,----[ Quote ]
| I came across a site that promised to show video of Burceag, a 31-year-old
| Seattle-area resident who was director of Linux engineering for
| communications vendor Active Voice, if I would just click on the link.
| Immediately, I was redirected to a URL for OnlineScannerXP.com. It hijacked
| my browser and tried to sell me some malware.



Anti-spyware anesthetises your OS before going to work 

,----[ Quote ]
| As SPAM reaches record levels and more and more operating system
| exploits are discovered every week the threat of spyware has become
| greater than ever.
| [...]
| As the name suggests this program boots into a different OS,
| namely a modified version of Linux, to allow the scanner run
| independently of Windows. This serves the purpose of being able to access 
| areas that the Vole (Inquirer's nym for Microsoft) normally doesn't
| allow us to tread.

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