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[News] Free Software Phone Gets Wi-Fi Applications

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Open-source phone getting WiFi sign-on port

,----[ Quote ]
| Hacker Holden Karau is porting the Devicescape Connect WiFi sign-on client to 
| the Linux-based, open-source OpenMoko Neo Freerunner phone. The port, which 
| uses the FreeRunner's new Qtopia-flavored stack, could turn out to be the 
| first commercial application ported to the FreeRunner, says Karau.   



First Look: OpenMoko's Linux-based open smartphone platform

,----[ Quote ]
| For rapid prototyping and avoiding the hassle of having to set up a compiler
| toolchain, developers can use Python to create OpenMoko applications. Python
| isn't officially supported, but the interpreter is available from the main
| repositories and GTK+ bindings are available from third-party repositories.


OpenMoko Neo Freerunner - Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Openmoko, born as a Free Software project under  GPL and LGPL license, is
| dedicated to delivering an open software stack on mobile platforms. Openmoko
| shipped its first product, the Neo 1973, on July 9 2007; and then turned into
| a start-up company with one aim: create great mobile products using the
| Openmoko stack: Open. Mobile. Free.
| The first Openmoko product, the Neo 1973, sold exclusively through Openmoko
| Online Shop. It sold out in early February 2008.
| Openmoko started selling the Neo FreeRunner (GTA02), the second generation of
| Neo, on July 3, 2008. It is available through the Openmoko Online Shop or
| national distributers.
| I received my FreeRunner as part of the first batch of orders shipped on July
| 7th.  I've now been playing with it for 10 days and these are my impressions.
| [...]
| All said and done I really like the phone.  And, like the main devs, am
| hesitant to call it a "phone".  It is really a handheld Linux computer that
| happens to have GPS and a GSM phone built-in.

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