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[News] In Praise of the New OpenGL 3.0

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OpenGL 3.0 - A Big Step in the Right Direction

,----[ Quote ]
| GL 3.0 takes two important steps to moving open standard graphics forward in 
| a major way. The first is to provide core and ARB extension access to the new 
| and exciting capabilities of hardware. The second is to create a roadmap that 
| allows developers to see what parts of core specifications will be going away 
| in the future, also providing the OpenGL ARB with a way to introduce new 
| features faster.      



DirectX 10 vs OpenGL 2.1 Graphics

,----[ Quote ]
| Now check out OpenGL 2.1 vs. DirectX 10 / 9 graphics.


OpenGL 3 Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenGL Architecture Review Board officially announced OpenGL 3 on August 
| 8th 2007 at the Siggraph Birds of a Feather (BOF) in San Diego, CA. 
| [...]
| OpenGL 3 is a true industry effort with broad support from all vendors in the 
| ARB. The OpenGL 3 specification is on track to be finalized at the next 
| face-to-face meeting of the OpenGL ARB, at the end of August.   


OpenGL 3.0: Longs Peak in September

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenGL Architecture Review Board has officially announced OpenGL 3 for the 
| next month. This release will be the expected “Longs Peak” release, 
| while “Mount Evans” is now scheduled for 4-5 months after “Longs Peak”.  


OpenGL 2.x and 3.0 APIs arrive this year 

,----[ Quote ]
| Approximately three months after that, Mount Evans (OpenGL 3.0) will 
| run specifically on hardware born after November 8th, 2006. You've
| guessed it correctly, we are talking about DirectX 10-class hardware,
| bringing all the features of unified 3D architecture to the world of 
| OpenGL. Mount Evans is compatible with Longs Peak, but of course -
| you will require OpenGL 3.0 class hardware to run everything.


OpenGL is far from dead 

,----[ Quote ]
| Khronos took over the running of the OpenGL Architecture Review
| Board last Autumn and has managed to get chip-makers like Nvidia
| to open up DX10-esque hardware features in the OpenGL system.
| "The extension mechanism has also allowed manufacturers of high
| end cards to gracefully expose DirectX 10 features on Windows
| XP," Splash said.


Apple’s Leopard with DirectX-like OpenGL? More hints.

,----[ Quote ]
| This means that the main person behind the newest OpenGL - which will support 
| all the new graphics technology available today - is employed by Apple. 


Valve survey shows hundreds of thousands steamed up 

,----[ Quote ]
| However, the survey also shows how far Microsoft et al have to go 
| - currently, DX10-capable gamers (ie those with Vista and a DX10 card) 
| make up 1.21% of the gaming population.
|         ^^^^^


DAAMIT! AMD's DX10 is not up to scratch 

,----[ Quote ]
| The gap isn't much, but there's a good 10-15 per cent difference between 
| the two cards, and this is rather disappointing for a card that has 
| been repeatedly marketed as future proof.


Inside CNET Labs: Lamenting DirectX 10

,----[ Quote ]
| We compared the same title side by side on a system running DX10 on Vista to 
| the same title on an identical system running DX9 on XP, and it's 
| difficult--sometimes impossible--to detect significant differences in how the 
| games look or perform.   


Adding DX10 has "done nothing"

,----[ Quote ]
| Having tested the DX10 rendering path against the DX9 version, the chaps at 
| the fantastically named Elite Bastards say that they can't "Help but feel a 
| little disappointed to see yet another game where the inclusion of DirectX 10 
| functionality has done nothing for the title either graphically or from 
| performance standpoint".    


Valve questions Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Half-Life 2 developer Valve thinks that Microsoft's current
| "Games for Windows" marketing push is a cynical ploy to sell
| more copies of Windows Vista, rather than a genuine effort to
| invigorate the PC gaming market.

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