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[News] Free Software Handles Very Expensive Jobs

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Free software can do many jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| As times get tough and people look for ways to save money, computer 
| consultant Michael Camodeca reminds bargain hunters, students heading off to 
| college and small business owners that there are legal alternatives to paying 
| for software.   


Open source drives Wordpress to 6.5 billion page views

,----[ Quote ]
| Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg recently delivered a "state of the nation" 
| address at WordCamp, Wordpress' user and developer conference. It turns out 
| that open source can be very good for business. Very, very good.  


Not bad for a project that was started by kids.


WordPress is Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Six Apart has recently decided that the best way to win back customers 
| fleeing their platforms is to target WordPress, which is a new strategy they 
| call competing. (What have they been doing the past 7 years?) A good example 
| is this exchange between a commenter on Valleywag and Byrne Reese, the lead 
| developer of Movable Type:    
| Sundown: “@anildash: what part of Wordpress is not open source?”
| byrnereese: “@Sunnduwn - I think that is a question better asked of 
| Automattic. Anil, and certainly not Six Apart, has never been briefed, nor 
| has anyone for that matter been presented with an accounting of what is open 
| and closed source at Automattic.”   
| Okay, here’s some accounting:
| WordPress is 100% open source, GPL.
| All plugins in the official directory are GPL or compatible, 100% open 
| source. 
| bbPress is 100% GPL.
| WordPress MU is 100% open source, GPL, and if you wanted you could take it 
| and build your own hosted platform like WordPress.com, like edublogs.org has 
| with over 100,000 blogs.  
| There is more GPL stuff on the way, as well. :)
| Could you build Typepad or Vox with Movable Type? Probably not, especially 
| since people with more than a few blogs or posts say it grinds to a halt, as 
| Metblogs found before they switched to WordPress.  

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