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[News] Clonezilla 1.2.0-12 Released; Early Look at OpenGEU Beta

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Clonezilla [1.2.0-12 Released]

Review: OpenGEU 8.04 'Luna Crescente' Beta Live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| WHEN I decided to try the OpenGEU Linux distribution, I had little experience 
| of its Enlightenment window manager. 
| I had played around with Elive, the Debian-based live CD featuring 
| Enlightenment, in the past but had never spent any time getting to know and 
| understand this elegant-looking WM.  



Manage partitions and disks with GParted-Clonezilla live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| For a home user or an administrator with just a few systems, the 
| GParted-Clonezilla live CD is an excellent tool for managing disks. It can 
| save you several hours when preparing new disks or migrating partitions from 
| one disk to another. It's also a fantastic way to move a partition that's not 
| around free space into a bigger partition without much fuss.    


OpenGEU - A new distro with a new name and a new look for Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I am honestly pleased to give this package a complete 5 Pennie review. I can 
| clearly state that this is everything is a distro I want, with little given 
| way of the politics for the day with removing the codecs and having to change 
| the name. I didn't really like Geubuntu because the Ge confuses the reality 
| of the day. Eubuntu was already out there, designed as an education bundle so 
| how do you communicate what is under the hood?     


openGEU - sunny Ubuntu - Overview & short tutorial

,----[ Quote ]
| openGEU is another extremely successful Ubuntu child, running Enlightenment 
| 17 as the desktop manager. Like gOS, another Ubuntu & Enlightenment distro 
| reviewed some time ago here at Dedoimedo, openGEU offers a healthy 
| refreshment of color and choices to the already well-established distro.   

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