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[News] Example of Photo Editing in KDE4, GNU/Linux Primer

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Photo KDE Tutorial 1-2: Curves adjust

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the second part of tutorials aimed at showing how to use KDE's 
| photography tools (namely ShowFoto and/or Krita), to process, edit and fix 
| your photographs. The first part of the tutorials  showed how to interpret a 
| histogram, and how to use the levels tool. This tutorial will show you how to 
| use a more advanced tool, called the Curves Adjust tool. It's much more 
| powerful than the levels tool but requires more patience and practise to get 
| good results.      


Things To Know Before Using Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| People still consider Linux to Commands Line and OS meant for geeks and 
| professionals.. Linux has cleared all the obstacles and now stand as a great 
| alternative for Home Users Desktop OS.. Linux has emerged as one of the great 
| alternative to Windows and it is must if you want to make the transition..   



Linux’s Market Share: Is There Any Way To Know?

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical is claiming that 11% of businesses use Ubuntu. (If that is the
| case, just imagine how many use Red Hat or Suse.) Gartner says that Linux’s
| market share is 4%, putting it about even with the Mac. And Context says that
| almost 3% of PCs sold in the UK have Linux pre-installed.
| [...]
| Short of every Linux distro calling home, which I hope will never happen,
| there may never be a way to know how many Linux users there are. Perhaps the
| downloads of some cross-platform application would give a rough idea, but
| that application would have to be something that a Linux user, a Mac user,
| and a Windows user would want equally. If anyone has a better idea, I would
| love to hear it.



Netbooks A Linux Stronghold?

,----[ Quote ]
| For years, backers of open-source software have hoped to push Microsoft out
| of its dominant position in desktops and laptops. Windows-powered personal
| computers account for more than 90% of unit sales,. Linux 4%, Gartner says.


Canonical To VARs: 11% of U.S. Businesses Use Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| In an effort to rally solutions providers around Ubuntu Linux, Canonical is
| telling resellers that 11 percent of U.S. businesses already run Ubuntu.

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