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[News] Why 'Market Share' is Meaningless: 150 People Convert Windows to GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] Why 'Market Share' is Meaningless: 150 People Convert Windows to GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 11:04:07 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Free Geek Chicago needs your help!

,----[ Quote ]
| When FreeGeek/Chicago first opened in October, 2005, we hoped it would
| fill an important role in the Chicago nonprofit technology world.
| Since then, we have sold dozens of $50 computers, served over 150
| volunteers, and responsibly recycled several tons of electronics.



Linux’s Market Share: Is There Any Way To Know?

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical is claiming that 11% of businesses use Ubuntu. (If that is the
| case, just imagine how many use Red Hat or Suse.) Gartner says that Linux’s
| market share is 4%, putting it about even with the Mac. And Context says that
| almost 3% of PCs sold in the UK have Linux pre-installed.
| [...]
| Short of every Linux distro calling home, which I hope will never happen,
| there may never be a way to know how many Linux users there are. Perhaps the
| downloads of some cross-platform application would give a rough idea, but
| that application would have to be something that a Linux user, a Mac user,
| and a Windows user would want equally. If anyone has a better idea, I would
| love to hear it.



Netbooks A Linux Stronghold?

,----[ Quote ]
| For years, backers of open-source software have hoped to push Microsoft out
| of its dominant position in desktops and laptops. Windows-powered personal
| computers account for more than 90% of unit sales,. Linux 4%, Gartner says.


Canonical To VARs: 11% of U.S. Businesses Use Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| In an effort to rally solutions providers around Ubuntu Linux, Canonical is
| telling resellers that 11 percent of U.S. businesses already run Ubuntu.


Why sharing matters more than marketshare to GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| In a recent article, Ryan Cartwright argued that free software isn’t playing
| the “same game” as proprietary software is. He’s right—but that begs the
| question: what game is GNU/Linux playing?
| Thirty years of proprietary software thinking have conditioned us to think
| that marketshare is a critical measure of success, and so we’ve convinced
| ourselves that we have to “win” against Windows in order to “succeed”. But
| this is simply not true. GNU/Linux can be a very great success even if it
| never achieves more than 1% of the installations in the world. The reason is
| the difference between “power” and “freedom”.



"We are implementing Linux in large govt projects across the country"

,----[ Quote ]
| Infact, Linux is continuously improving its position. This can be proved by
| an IDC report which says that in June 2006 Microsoft had 68 percent of the
| marketshare and Linux had 21 percent whereas in 2005, Microsoft had 70
| percent and Linux had 11 percent.
`----         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


The World According to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| How many Linux users are there in the world? 5,000? 5,000,000? 50,000,000? No
| one is really sure. Linux users aren't forced to register their operating
| system with any corporation; Linux users are free to install and use Linux
| without anyone ever being the wiser. And what about all of the people who
| don't even realize they're using Linux? Is Linux running your PDA? Smart
| Phone? GPS? TiVO? Tablet? Router? Wrist watch? Car? Is Linux lurking inside
| all of your electronic gadgets? Probably not, but it's turning up more and
| more these days.
| [...]
| According to our statistics, 96.4% of computer users are running Linux. Whoa!
| It looks like Linux has completely claimed the market. 0.6% of computer users
| are running Apple; hmm, but I thought the Apple market share was improving?
| Oh, and funny enough, 3% of computer users are running Windows. Wait a
| minute! These stats are completely biased, right? Well, I hope you're getting
| the point.


Asia Pacific Digital Content Creators and Broadcasters Turn to Autodesk's
Linux-based Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Over a dozen broadcasters and post-production facilities in the Asia
| Pacific region have recently embraced Autodesk, Inc.'s visual effects,
| editing/finishing and digital color-grading products running on the
| Linux operating system.
| [...]
| In its China Linux 2006-2010 Forecast and Analysis report, market
| research firm IDC estimates that China's Linux market will grow
| at a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent from 2006 to 2010.
| IDC also forecasts that by 2008, Linux-based personal computers
|                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| (PCs) will account for more than 9 percent of PC unit shipments
|                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| in Asia Pacific.


Dell leads the Linux workstation market

,----[ Quote ]
| So about 15% of the workstation market is comprised of Linux machines -- far
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| more than the barely traceable number of Linux desktop computers. Oddly, all
| workstation manufacturers seem to have grown in chorus. "No one workstation
| vendor seems to have benefited dramatically more or less with the growth of
| Linux, though (anecdotally) white boxes would presumably have a much higher
| penetration of Linux.


Survey Says … Linux Desktop Is Ever More Popular

,----[ Quote ]
| The first thing we can say about the Linux desktop in 2007 is that there are
| more users than ever. The Linux Foundation 2006 survey had fewer than 10,000
| people signing in. This year more than 20,000 Linux desktop users reported
| in.


,----[ Quote ]
| Okay, now lets tie this all back in together. Novell claimed several months
| back in a video ad that Desktop Linux users accounted for upwards of
| 30,000,000 different people. That's 30 million. Recent statements made by
| some Novell representatives indicate that they expect there are upwards of
| 50,000,000 Desktop Linux users. Microsoft has never contested the number of
| Desktop Linux users, and if anything the deal Microsoft signed with Novell
| was tacit agreement that Microsoft believed those numbers to be accurate.


Linux Users Base More Than doubled Over Last One Year: Survey

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of Linux users has more than doubled over the last one year, says
| a new survey by DesktopLinux.com. The survey also said Ubuntu remains their
| Linux distribution of choice.


Survey: Desktop Linux use grows

,----[ Quote ]
| DesktopLinux.com, which is a Web site devoted to, obviously, desktop Linux,
| has finished a survey that found more than a doubling of Linux desktop users
| in the past year.


Desktop Linux on the Rise, Linux Foundation Reports

,----[ Quote ]
| For starters, almost 20,000 self-selected users filled out this year's survey
| compared with fewer than 10,000 in 2006's survey.
| [...]
| In those businesses and organizations that have deployed Linux desktops, 39.5
| percent are running Linux on more than half of their machines.

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