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[News] [SOT] Laws of Transparency Turned Against Crooked Politicians

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[Authorities love spying on everyone. Time for /them/ to show every little
thing /they/ do?]

One Man's Fight to Open Government Data

,----[ Quote ]
| John Washburn takes public records seriously. Recently, the 45-year-old 
| computer software tester from Wisconsin decided to take on Texas Gov. Rick 
| Perry over his e-mail retention program -- or lack of one.  
| Perry's office automatically deletes virtually all its e-mails every seven 
| days, according to the Dallas Morning News. 
| Washburn, who viewed the retention period as "obnoxiously short," developed a 
| computer program that every four days automatically requests all e-mails sent 
| to and from Perry's office staff. When he received the first batch more than 
| 8,000 e-mails covering four days -- he promptly posted them online.    


Microsoft does this too. It shreds E-mails rather than retain them because it's
a criminal organisation trying to reduce the damage (just watch Comes vs
Microsoft at Iowa).


Full circle: How Microsoft is trying to eradicate email

,----[ Quote ]
| There are millions of these systems out there, according to an article from 
| USA Today. Millions. 
| The mainstream media consistently use the term "computers" when they make 
| forays into this realm. Yes, they are computers, but they're not just any 
| computer -- they are all running Windows. All of them. Let's not mince words 
| here: Botnets are comprised of compromised Windows systems. Thus, Microsoft's 
| massive security failures are at the very core of the spam problem.     


Microsoft dirty tricks, part two (Bob Cringely)

,----[ Quote ]
| "So the outside vendor was Hewlett-Packard, one of Microsoft's
| hardware OEMs, which is to say Microsoft's bitch.
| The tape disappearance was blamed on HP, which  accepted the blame,
| and the employees directly involved kept expecting there to be
| repurcussions, especially legal ones.  They expected to be deposed by
| Burst lawyers.  But it never happened.
| This was, for Microsoft, a perfect ending. ..."


,---[ Quote ]
| In May 2004, Judge J. Frederick Motz ordered Microsoft to
| investigate Burst.com's claim that, in 2000, Allchin ordered
| Microsoft employees to destroy email after 30 days and not to
| archive their email, suggesting that this deletion policy
| might be an effort to eliminate material that would later be
| damaging in court. This case was settled out of court in March
| 2005, with Microsoft agreeing to pay Burst.com $60 million
| for nonexclusive rights to Burst.com's media player software.


Bush team deletes embarrassing emails 

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the Washington Post, countless e-mails to and from
| many key White House staffers have been deleted to avoid
| congressional subpoenas.

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