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[News] Irish Government Approaches FOSS; Microsoft FOSS Insider Jumps Ship

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Northern Ireland plugs open source hybrid

,----[ Quote ]
| COUNCILS across Northern Ireland are being encouraged to join a co-operative 
| software movement that has stood in defiance of the occupation of government 
| computer departments by multinational suppliers in big-ticket deals.  
| The Northern Ireland Department of the Environment has advised the country's 
| 26 councils to join the Local Authority Content Management System (LA CRM) 
| partnership, which develops its system collaboratively with councils across 
| the UK under the lead of Belfast City Council.   


- From this proprietary software company (headed by a former Microsoft employee):

Levin out as Black Duck’s CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| Black Duck Software — a pioneer in the open source legal consulting business 
| — has lost its CEO. 
| On Thursday, Douglas Levin, the company founder and a director at the 
| Waltham,  Mass.-based company, announced his resignation, effective Sept. 1. 
| The announcement came the same day that a federal appeals court issued a 
| decision maintaining that open source licenses are valid under copyright law. 
| Black Duck Software is a software and services company that advises 
| developers and corporations about open source licensing requirements and 
| compliance.    
| Are the two related?
| No, Levin said in a broadcast email and blog posted yesterday.


They sell FUD and they sell proprietary software. Seems like good news.


Palamida: Rival snitched open-source database

,----[ Quote ]
| A day later, Palamida cried foul. "After two days of intense investigation, 
| we have confirmed that most of our database has been copied directly--word 
| for word and misspelling for misspelling, with very few original additions to 
| our initial work," said Palamida spokeswoman Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale, 
| pointing the "blatant plagiarism" finger at Black Duck.    


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