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[News] GNU/Linux Gains as Windows Era Approaches End

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What Comes After the Windows Era?

,----[ Quote ]
| For many years, people in the free software world have dreamed of a day when 
| GNU/Linux would replace Windows on the desktop. Although the market share of 
| GNU/Linux there is finally lifting – figures range from 3% to 11%, according 
| to the sector – it seems unlikely that GNU/Linux will ever take over the 
| desktop from Windows. But that does not mean that Windows will maintain its 
| dominance there, simply that the future is more complex than the monoculture 
| we have seen and suffered for nearly two decades.      
| [...]
| I would like to suggest that the free software world should start looking at 
| things from a different perspective – not how many percentage points 
| GNU/Linux gains on the desktop, but how many Microsoft is losing to *all* of 
| the alternatives to Windows. Free software has nothing to fear from a 
| heterogeneous environment – indeed, mixing technologies almost forces open 
| standards upon manufacturers if they want to provide full interoperability.     
| Moreover, as many have pointed out, the low number of GNU/Linux viruses is 
| only in part down to the latter's superior design. If GNU/Linux became as 
| dominant on the desktop as Windows, there would be a greater incentive to 
| break that security – and a bigger knock-on effect when it was broken. Far 
| better to promote heterogeneity, which is good for the software ecosystem, 
| and thus good for *all* users.     
| Against this background, then, we should be celebrating what looks 
| increasingly like the end of the Windows era on the desktop, but not in the 
| naïve, and slightly selfish hope that it will usher in one purely based on 
| GNU/Linux. One of the best proofs that free software is superior in all 
| senses to proprietary software is having the maturity to recognise that the 
| world of personal computing today is far more complicated, and far richer, 
| than Bill Gates's original, monopolistic vision of “a (Microsoft-based)  
| computer on every desktop”.      



Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars


Ex-Microsoft Manager Gets 22 Months for Fraud

,----[ Quote ]
| Carolyn Gudmundson, 46, formerly a program manager at Microsoft's MSN
| division, pleaded guilty in January to charges that she used her position
| within the company to run a number of scams between 2000 and 2004.


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