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[News] Op-ed: Adobe Should Embrace GNU/Linux to Fight Microsoft

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How Adobe can stop Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Commentary: Attack with a Linux initiative
| [...]
| Adobe could port its Creative Suite to Linux as a shot across Redmond's bow.



An Introduction to AIR

,----[ Quote ]
| The choice of whether or not to develop using AIR is an exercise best left to
| developers. I imagine that for web developers who have never programmed in C
| or any of the other traditional computer languages will find that AIR 
| provides 
| an easy road to building Desktop applications by using languages and
| technologies they already know. This is a very good thing, in my opinion.
| For the rest of us, I think AIR applications are well worth checking out.
| They can be a mixed bag at times, especially because of the alpha nature of
| AIR on Linux, but the best of them are every bit as good as their traditional
| Desktop counterparts.



Adobe Flash 10 on Linux: Looking Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux may only be a beta, but it’s one heck of a
| beta.
| I didn’t care for Adobe Flash video at first. It was just another proprietary
| audio/video format in a world already over-flowing with them.
| Three things have happened to change my mind.


Flash Uses The GPU

,----[ Quote ]
| A much clamored-for feature (right after native 64-bit, wmode/transparency,
| and V4L2) is Flash GPU (graphical processing unit) acceleration, sometimes
| founded in a belief that it's a magic solution for making things fast without
| any side effects or ill consequences. I just wanted to make it known that the
| Adobe Flash Player is GPU accelerated,


Where is 64-bit Linux support for Flash Player?

,----[ Quote ]
| From what I’ve heard it works fairly well on most distros but I haven’t heard
| yet how well it works with the new Flash Player 10 beta. Despite this
| potential workaround eventually Adobe does need to natively support 64-bit
| Linux - and they will.


Flash Player 10: Dazzling Effects, Better Performance, Runs on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Once piece of welcome news is that Adobe is releasing the Flash Player 10
| beta for all major platforms — Windows, Mac and Linux. Adobe has even upped
| the Linux ante with a new installer specially tailored for Ubuntu users.
| Barclay says that Adobe considers Linux a major platform and will continue to
| make all Flash releases simultaneous across platforms.


Free Flash community reacts to Adobe Open Screen Project

,----[ Quote ]
| Both Otte and Savoye do see some limited good coming out of the Open Screen
| Project. Otte suggests that the growing openness of Adobe might help to
| reduce the reservations in the free software community about working to
| reproduce proprietary technologies, as well as "the general 'flash is evil'
| attitude" that prevails in the community."
| Moreover, both Otte and Savoye see the announcement as a hopeful sign. "I
| think Adobe will open up Flash in the end, or at least the Flash player,"
|       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Otte says.
| Savoye expresses the same hope, although he notes that, "I've been told by
| people at Adobe that their Flash player has so many other people's
| intellectual property in it that they can never free up the code." However,
| he adds that examples like Sun's removal of propriety elements from the
| original StarOffice code to produce OpenOffice.org and its current efforts
| with Java indicate that the move is not impossible. "The trick is, are they
| going to make that kind of commitment?" he asks.


Adobe Drops Licensing Fees, Gives Away Flash For Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Software maker Adobe announced Thursday that it would drop many of the
| licensing requirements attached to its Flash technology, which is used to
| display video and audio content on the web.


Adobe Joins Linux Foundation But Forgets About Flash for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I would hope that Zemlin will encourage Adobe to now treat Linux as a first
| class citizen as opposed to an afterthought for release after Windows.
| I hope Zemlin will pressure Adobe to finally actually make Flash -- not just
| the player -- but Flash CS3 Professional, (the core Flash development tool)
| available for Linux as a fully commercially available and supported product.
| It is somewhat ironic in my opinion that Adobe can join the Linux Foundation,
| claim to support Linux and yet not offer its flagship Flash development tool
| on Linux.

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