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[News] GNU/Linux Ensures System Reliability, Enhanced User Experience,

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Vantage Legrand Intros New Touchscreen Options with Open Source Tool

,----[ Quote ]
| Ensuring system reliability and an enhanced user experience, the TPT650, an 
| Intel (News - Alert) X-Scale processor, runs a Linux operating system, 
| company officials say.  



Reliability Study Serves Up Good News For Linux Users

,----[ Quote ]
| It is interesting to note why Windows Server 2003 lost ground in this year's
| survey: Administrators spent more time patching security flaws than they did
| the previous year. On the other hand, we're still talking about less than two
| extra hours per year, on average. Just the fact that these kinds of
| differences are now so significant speaks volumes about just how much both
| Linux and Windows have improved over the past decade as server platforms.


Ubuntu hits new high in Linux boredom

,----[ Quote ]
| Last weekend a friend was moaning about endless problems with Windows XP on
| his desktop PC. We installed Ubuntu 7.04 on it. The problems went away. That
| started me thinking about my own "daily driver" computer, a Dell Latitude
| that also runs Ubuntu 7.04, and it made me realize that I hadn't thought
| about my laptop or its operating system in many months. Linux -- especially
| Ubuntu -- has become so reliable and simple that for most end users it's
| simply not worth thinking about, any more than we think about tools like
| wrenches and screwdrivers.


Microsoft’s eco system: cracks in the reliability

,----[ Quote ]
| PlayForSure
| PlayForSure (DRM codename: Janus) was introduced by Microsoft in 2004/2005 to 
| mark players which have been certified to follow Microsoft’s dream list: 
| Windows Media Player compatibility, DRM support, MTP-only support, and so on. 
| Originally this was also an attempt to push Ogg Vorbis out of the field.   
| The basic idea was that every player could be used on any Windows System 
| which had Windows Media Player 10 installed. And that every player would play 
| any music sold in any PlayForSure store.  
| [...]
| Outlook Express and Hotmail
| Outlook Express is an e-mail client shipped with all Microsoft versions since 
| Windows 98 and before Windows Vista. Although it was responsible for many 
| large scaled virus attacks and spreads due to a horrible security concept and 
| had many more, other technical shortcomings and problems it was widely used. 
| And it was of course often used with Microsoft’s own E-Mail service, Hotmail.    
| [...]
| The last problem is still in development, and the outcome is not really clear 
| at the moment. But the root of the problem is ISO’s adoption of OOXML. 
| [...]
| Final words
| The main problem behind these cracks in Microsoft’s eco system is of course 
| the lack of well proved, open standards. But since Microsoft is not willing 
| to support standards, the cracks are there now, and they are huge.  


Linux on the server sees reliability gains

,----[ Quote ]
| Mainstream Linux distributions for servers have caught up substantially with 
| Unix in terms of reliability over the past year, while Windows Server 2003 
| downtime has risen by nearly 25 percent, according to a Yankee Group survey.   

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