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[News] Review of Early Zenwalk Beta (with GNOME), Debian

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Zenwalk 5.2 GNOME Edition (beta)

,----[ Quote ]
| I didn’t expect to like Zenwalk this much, but I do. It’s stable while being 
| a beta release, it’s speedy, it just works and it does all of this while 
| looking good. Without the installer, which requires a bit of knowledge, it 
| would a be perfect for a Linux newbie. But as soon as it’s installed, it’s a 
| pleasure to use. Since I installed Arch, thee’s not a single distribution 
| that has tempted me so much. I never knew Gnome could be this fast, or look 
| this good. In my opinion, the only thing that’s needed to make it perfect is 
| to expand the repositories a bit.       
| The best thing about this distribution, is that it finally brings Gnome to 
| Slackware fans. It has taken some time, but it has been worth the wait. 
| Zenwalk 5.2 GNOME Edition is one of the best Linux distributions I’ve ever 
| installed. Try it out.   


Debian: The OS for the rest of us

,----[ Quote ]
| I can’t say that my kicking of the tires of Debian was as thorough as it 
| deserves. But honestly, I don’t think a thorough shakedown is that necessary. 
| First and foremost you only need to know that the installation can be a bit 
| challenging (when doing so from the smaller install CD). Once up and running 
| it’s all a matter of knowing the package management system.    



What to expect in Debian 5: Lenny

,----[ Quote ]
| All-in-all, it looks like Debian 5 will be an outstanding distribution. Since
| Debian is, in turn, the foundation of many other distributions, such as
| Ubuntu and its family of Linux distributions; MEPIS; and Xandros, this bodes
| well for all of Linux.


Zenwalk 5.2 on a Dell Inspiron 1150 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been running with Zenwalk for about a week and am really liking it. I
| have tried both the Standard and Live versions and they each have impressed
| me. The Live version has a CD ISO remastering tool so you can make someone
| your very own custom version of Zenwalk.


Interview with Jean-Philippe Guillemin, Zenwalk’s creator

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenwalk is one of the most promising Linux distribution. Based on Slackware,
| the distro is lightweight, simple and stable.
| We decided to make some questions to Jean-Philippe Guillemin, Zenwalk’s
| creator, regarding future plans and developments about this “GNU-Linux
| Operating System”.

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