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[News] Success Comes from Giving Stuff Away (Like Free Software)

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The Indie Band Survival Guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Cherkow and Feehan, both in the original PDF and in the book, recommend using 
| CC licences as a means for musicians to spread their works far and wide, 
| referencing the oft-cited Tim O’Reilly quote, “Obscurity is a far greater 
| threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.” To Cherkow and Feehan, 
| CC licensing music makes sense as a promotional tool, increasing the ability 
| for an artist to gain exposure and fans.     


The Indie Band Survival Guide, new book on how to succeed on your own

,----[ Quote ]
| But possibly the most interesting thing about the book is that it could not 
| have existed without the Creative Commons. We gave away the original version 
| from our website as a PDF, under a CC license that let people share it 
| freely, non-commercial. Without this sharing, we would never have been 
| noticed by Billboard magazine, who wrote an article about the PDF. This was 
| followed by the Associated Press. And, next thing we knew, a publisher was 
| interested.      



What does it mean to be an Open Source author? A story from the inside

,----[ Quote ]
| I hear daily about open source projects, the open source business model, what
| it means in terms of freedom, choice, risks, investment, etc... What I rarely
| hear about is what is life like for those who actually contribute and
| dedicate a part of their life to open source?
| [...]
| I cannot emphasize enough how this promotion work allows a project to take
| off and make a difference at any kind of scale.
| Beloved online publishers and journalists, thank you for the astonishing job
| you are doing at publishing about people, technology and open source.


Creative Collaboration: The Open Source Filmmaking Experiment

,----[ Quote ]
| With new collaborative tools available, some filmmakers are opening up their
| work to the participation of others. Tapping into the creative power of the
| crowd can take a film in an entirely new direction -- one that the creator
| hadn't even envisioned.
| [...]
| Creative Commons, which gives users the option of opening up the rights to
| their work, has done much to facilitate open source creative work, including
| filmmaking,


Approved for Free Cultural Works

,----[ Quote ]
| We’ve just added the seal you see at right to Creative Commons licenses that
| qualify as Free Culture Licenses according to the Definition of Free Cultural
| Works — Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike. Public domain is not a
| license, but is an acceptable copyright status for free cultural works
| according to the Definition.


Australia set to give the go-ahead for Creative Commons licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| Researchers at Queensland will shortly publish a study on the pricing of
| public sector information which is expected to set out the case for making
| all government data free. We will watch with interest. In the meantime, we
| think the UK government could usefully copy one set of Australian ideas: a
| policy review in 2002 which said that the government should not try to charge
| for data where to do so is not cost-effective, would be inconsistent with
| policy objectives or would unduly stifle competition and innovation. Bonza!      



The Creative Commons CC0 project

,----[ Quote ]
| CC0[http://creativecommons.org/projects/cczero] is a Creative Commons
| project designed to promote and protect the public domain by 1) enabling
| authors to easily waive their copyrights in particular works and to
| communicate that waiver to others, and 2) providing a means by which
| any person can assert that there are no copyrights in a particular work,
| in a way that allows others to judge the reliability of that assertion.


Creative Commons Artist Spotlight: Convey

,----[ Quote ]
| Every week, we will introduce our readers to emerging musical artists who
| choose to release their work under Creative Commons licenses.


Fedora and Creative Commons Team Up To Deliver LiveContent Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat and Creative Commons have said that Fedora 7 will serve as the
| platform for Creative Commons LiveContent CD, an initiative to showcase free,
| open source software and dynamic, Creative Commons-licensed multimedia
| content.


[Creative Commons in Support of] GPLv3!

,----[ Quote ]
| Note that Creative Commons has always recommended the GPL and other
| free software licenses for software. We look forward to transitioning
| software we create to GPLv3.


Creative Commons Sponsored Software ccHost Release

,----[ Quote ]
| These features most notably show up and are tested in Creative Commons'
| project, ccMixter (www.ccmixter.org), a popular on-line social network
| service that supports legal music sharing and remixing.

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