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[News] Deadline Ported to GNU/Linux

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Deadline 3.0 Now Shipping

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition to support for Windows, the latest version of Deadline now runs 
| on Linux and Mac OSX platforms-one of the most in-demand requests from its 
| growing roster of customers.   



Vista's big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it

,----[ Quote ]
| Such appreciation for history is not likely to warm the cockles of
| Microsoft's heart, especially when Linux is getting lots of love from
| developers (13 percent writing apps for it this year and 15.5 percent in
| 2009).


Coders Tell Why They're Avoiding Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. undoubtedly wanted to avoid its current predicament. It has
| been publicly talking up features in Vista since 2003 -- half a decade.
| But such "overmarketing," as Krasowski calls it, can rebound. Experienced
| developers have become jaded towards the third-party apps Microsoft trots out
| as exemplars of Redmond's latest technology -- "demoware," he calls them --
| that sparkle with flashy animation and video.


Guess What? Fox News is Responsive to the Linux Community.

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr. Denis also stated that most of the Fox News developers use Ubuntu.


Study: ~50% of Norwegian Software Vendors Integrate FOSS Components

,----[ Quote ]
| ... based on an extensive screening of software companies, with more than 700
| responses.
| Analysis shows that close to 50% of the software industry integrate OSS
| components into vertical solutions serving all major business sectors.
| In addition, more than 30% of the companies using OSS components have over
| 40% of their income from OSS related services or software.


Ballmer: Vista Is 'a Work in Progress'

,----[ Quote ]
| As PC users clamor for Microsoft to continue to support Windows XP, company
| CEO Steve Ballmer called the Vista OS "a work in progress" at an annual
| Seattle event on Thursday.



Holy Crap: Did Bill Gates Just Say Windows Sucks?

,----[ Quote ]
| We asked a simple question: what Microsoft product could have used a little
| more polish before release? The answer astounded us. We would just like to
| thank Bill Gates for his honesty and his openness.

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