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[News] GNU/Linux Has LoLiTa

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Meet LoLiTa - the Linux user's group of French Polynesia

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, one little Linux-related anecdote from French Polynesia. It seems 
| that your DistroWatch maintainer was not the only Linux-using visitor 
| enchanted by these paradise islands. Gwenolé Beauchesne, a Mandriva developer 
| currently responsible for Core Labs unit, (re-)visited the territory in 2006. 
| The result? Those of you who used the distribution in that year might 
| remember that version 2007 had come with a brand new Mandriva theme 
| called "Ia Orana" (or "hello" in Tahitian) and it included a set of superb 
| photos that formed a part of one of the screensavers included in the 
| distribution. A great way to pause and reflect on a pleasant vacation once 
| life returns to normal!         



Open source big names helping attract new users

,----[ Quote ]
| Participation by big open source vendors is helping attract new interest in 
| Linux user groups in Asia. 


CHARTING: Interested individuals invited to participate

,----[ Quote ]
| Next weekend, a group of local residents will put Tillsonburg on the map – 
| literally. 
| Members of the Tillsonburg Linux Users’ Group (Tillug) will fan out in the 
| community May 4, armed with automobiles and GPS units, in an effort to map 
| Tillsonburg on the Open Street Map.  



Lovable LUGgable: support your Linux user group

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s true: LUGs aren’t the same. Linux isn’t brand spanking new anymore. 
| There’s no need for meetings which merely introduce the technology over and 
| over. This doesn’t mean LUGs aren’t relevant, but merely they have evolved.  


Bahrain LUG Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Bahrain Linux User 
| Group!


Linuxchix New Zealand set up

,----[ Quote ]
| Women who like Linux now have a community organisation in New
| Zealand to support them: LinuxChix NZ. 


Efforts to promote open source software gather momentum

,----[ Quote ]
| Efforts to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) have gathered 
| momentum in the country, mainly due to emergence of "Linux User Groups" 
| (LUGs) and recognition by academics and government.   


dotCOMmieLilug, OLPC presented by John Palmieri (2007)

,----[ Quote ]
| Recording of Long Island Linux User Group (lilug.org) talk on OLPC by John 
| (J5) Palmieri.

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