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[News] Vector GNU/Linux Turns 10

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Happy Birthday Vector Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I can recall talking about this in March and here we are. Vector Linux is 10 
| years old one full decade of excellence in computing technology.  



Vector Linux SOHO 5.9 Deluxe -- Not Just For The Office

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) name Vector Linux SOHO is
| clearly aimed at the home user as well with a large variety of multimedia
| applications and games on the second disc.
| Vector Linux 5.9 SOHO isn't free as in free of cost but the price is modest
| and there are no restrictions on use. It is probably worth the price of
| admission for those who know and like Vector Linux already and for anyone who
| is looking for a Linux distribution that is optimized for performance and who
| doesn't mind an occasional foray to the command line. Despite the caveats
| I've raised Vector Linux remains one of my favorite distributions for the
| desktop. SOHO is the flavor of Vector Linux that has the most to offer in
| terms of ready to go software for those who like KDE for their desktop
| environment.


VectorLinux 5.9 SOHO Deluxe Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| The VectorLinux team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest
| SOHO Edition to our CD store. This is a wonderful chance to support Vector
| and get a rock solid, full featured productive Linux Desktop.  Our careful
| customization of KDE gives  the desktop the exceptional speed of VectorLinux
| and a unique look and feel. An extraordinary set of tools is provided out of
| the box, and the SOHO optimized Multimedia Bonus Disk is included.


VectorLinux SOHO 5.9 Preview LiveCD Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| The VectorLinux team launched a LiveCD version of the DELUXE SOHO edition for
| their distribution. The VectorLinux SOHO 5.9 Preview LiveCD is offered for
| free so everyone can try the product – VectorLinux DELUXE SOHO – before
| buying it. The developers want to make sure that the upcoming DELUXE SOHO
| edition works on everyone's hardware.    


VectorLinux 5.9 - Will It Be Pandemic?

,----[ Quote ]
| With seven stable releases  of VectorLinux Standard Gold edition  under their
| belts, the developers  of VectorLinux  have released the  much-awaited
| VectorLinux 5.9 Standard Gold edition on the 21st of December 2007 to the joy
| of many Vectorians.
| [...]
| Overall, VectorLinux 5.9 Standard Gold is a very functional release. It looks
| a lot better than the previous version. I did not encounter any major
| glitches during the testing. It was a delightful experience seeing the faster
| boot time of VectorLinux 5.9, as compared to  VectorLinux 5.8. The softwares
| seem snappier and more stable than the ones in version 5.8 too!


VectorLinux-5.9 standard final GOLD is under the tree!

,----[ Quote ]
| The VectorLinux development team is proud to announce the release of
| VectorLinux 5.9 final GOLD edition.


VectorLinux: new site, new SOHO Deluxe release!

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