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[News] [OT] Fictitious Ideas of How Suppressive Regimes Can Gag Bloggers

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Bad Idea: Tax Energy To Reduce Blogging

,----[ Quote ]
| The modern version of the so-called traditional media has failed us to the 
| extent bloggers have to take the press into their own hands. This was the 
| media that gave us Paris Hilton when we were hungry about news from Iraq, 
| about government wiretapping, about corporate-government corruption. Much of 
| that was distraction from whose corporate media hands were dropping coins 
| into whose government coffers. This is the media that had to be called out by 
| bloggers for falsified documents aired on CBS in 2004. This is the media at 
| the mercy of AstroTurf organizations. This is the media that ignored much of 
| what we wanted to hear about until we raised a stink online.        
| No one, except for those with vested interest in controlling information, is 
| willing to go back to a set of elites (prodded by deep-pocketed publishers) 
| deciding what the idiot masses need to hear about. And definitely no one is 
| willing to let the government try to shut us up via taxes.   
| Remember the Boston Tea Party? 


They already censor more and more.


Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| But in reality, Cuomo's pressure tactics have misfired. They led Time Warner
| Cable to pull the plug on some 100,000 Usenet discussion groups, including
| such hotbeds of illicit content as talk.politics and
| misc.activism.progressive. Verizon Communications deleted such unlawful
| discussion groups as us.military, ny.politics, alt.society.labor-unions, and
| alt.politics.democrats. AT&T and Time Warner Cable have taken similar steps.



,----[ Quote ]
| But Mr. Martin isn't satisfied with a private resolution of this technical
| dispute. Instead, he wants to make an example of Comcast in order to advance
| a "network neutrality" industrial policy being pushed by high-tech rivals
| like Google and pro-regulation advocacy groups like MoveOn.org, Consumers
| Union and Free Press. Net neutrality proponents want all Internet traffic
| treated "equally." They would prohibit Internet service providers from using
| price to address the ever-growing popularity of streaming video and other
| bandwidth-intensive programs that cause bottlenecks.


Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone

,----[ Quote ]
| Cuomo claimed that his office found child porn on 88 newsgroups--out of
| roughly 100,000 newsgroups that exist. In a press release, he took credit for
| the companies' blunderbuss-style newsgroup removal by saying: "We are
| attacking this problem by working with Internet service providers...I commend
| the companies that have stepped up today to embrace a new standard of
| responsibility, which should serve as a model for the entire industry."
| [...]
| What this means in practice is that, thanks to the New York state attorney
| general, Verizon customers will lose out on innocent discussions. Verizon is
| retaining only eight newsgroup hierarchies, even though over 1,000
| hierarchies exist.


Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable will turn off all newsgroup access, while Sprint plans to
| cut access to the whole alt.* segment. Verizon may follow Sprint's example.
| Blocking all newsgroups does appear to be a broad approach to a problem
| involving a minority of such groups. As with the Internet in general, not
| everything in Usenet poses a threat. But no one wants to be tainted with even
| a suggestion of being soft on child porn, hence the rush to apply censorship
| with a sweeping axe rather than a skillfully-wielded scalpel.


EFF Sues Rodeo Group Over Removal Of Videos On YouTube

,----[ Quote ]
| The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked a federal court to protect the
| free speech rights of an animal rights group after its video critiques of
| animal treatment at rodeos were removed from YouTube because of false
| copyright claims.

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