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[News] New Version of GNOME-based Zenwalk is Released

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Releases : Zenwalk Gnome 5.2 released!

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on Zenwalk current, it features the latest stable Gnome 2.22.3 Desktop, 
| with a familiar Zenwalk Desktop layout and beautiful Zenwalk artwork. 
| Included in this release, are Linux kernel, the latest X.Org 7.3 
| suite of X servers and the next generation of the Netpkg package manager.   



Test Driving Zenwalk 5.2 Beta Gnome Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| This was my first ever adventure with a Slakware-based GNU/Linux distribution
| so I cannot say it has been an easy, effortless task, but that's probably
| just my lack of experience, because, after I finished the installation and
| testing of Zenwalk 5.2 Beta Gnome edition, it all made much more sense.
| Still, I would have greatly appreciated a more intuitive installer which
| could guide through the steps to a trouble-free installation accompanied with
| slightly (more) detailed explanations, especially at the partitioning stage.
| And now, let's have a closer look at what this edition of Zenwalk brings to
| the new Linux user!


Zenwalk 5.2 GNOME Edition (beta)

,----[ Quote ]
| I didn’t expect to like Zenwalk this much, but I do. It’s stable while being
| a beta release, it’s speedy, it just works and it does all of this while
| looking good. Without the installer, which requires a bit of knowledge, it
| would a be perfect for a Linux newbie. But as soon as it’s installed, it’s a
| pleasure to use. Since I installed Arch, thee’s not a single distribution
| that has tempted me so much. I never knew Gnome could be this fast, or look
| this good. In my opinion, the only thing that’s needed to make it perfect is
| to expand the repositories a bit.
| The best thing about this distribution, is that it finally brings Gnome to
| Slackware fans. It has taken some time, but it has been worth the wait.
| Zenwalk 5.2 GNOME Edition is one of the best Linux distributions I’ve ever
| installed. Try it out.

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