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[News] Transparency Forced Upon the World, Thanks to Wikileaks

Extreme Openness: the Rise of Wikileaks

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a long journalistic tradition of looking back at 
| the end of the year over the major events of the preceding 
| 12 months - one that I have no intention of following. But 
| I would like to point out an important development in the 
| world of openness that has occurred over that time-span: 
| the rise and rise of Wikileaks.     
| The site was actually founded two years ago, but most 
| people (including myself) didn't really become aware of it 
| until this year. Now Wikileaks is frequently to be found in 
| the eye of the storm. Indeed, it seems consciously to be 
| raising its sights ever higher: recently, it has published 
| documents that are acutely embarrassing to the German and 
| British governments.      
| This is all good stuff, but I do worry that at some point 
| the goading will get too much, and the needling too 
| successful, until repressive governments like the one 
| currently running the UK will fight back hard - citing the 
| tired old tropes about "terrorism" or "child pornography" 
| or maybe just "leaves on the track" - by ordering ISPs to 
| block Wikileaks and any mirrors that pop up.       



Breaking: Wikileaks Missing


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