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[News] GIS and Database Set Free, Accessible On-line; OpenGoo Bypasses Office

Municipalities open their GIS systems to citizens

,----[ Quote ]
| Many public administrations already use open source 
| Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to let citizens look 
| at public geographic data trough dedicated Web sites. 
| Others use the same software to partially open the data 
| gathering process: they let citizens directly add 
| geographic information to the official, high-quality GIS 
| databases by drawing or clicking on digital maps.      


The Web is making Windows a lot less relevant.

OpenGoo: A Free, Open Source Productivity Suite

,----[ Quote ]
| It has a nicer interface than it did before, and delivers 
| word processing, document management, contact management, 
| e-mail, project management, and time management 
| applications.   



Orbit GIS 4.1 for Linux / Unix


Genasys Announces the Release of Version 9 of their Linux GIS


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