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[News] Strong Year for MySQL, Sun Boasts OpenSolaris

What a year!

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last 10 months, MySQL became part of Sun and Sun 
| became a part of MySQL in ways we had not really imagined. 
| The "can do" startup culture that we had has started to 
| make its way into other areas of Sun, just as Rich Green 
| and Jonathan had hoped. The MySQL business model is making 
| its way into other software groups, the focus on growth 
| areas like Web 2.0 is very real.      


OpenSolaris gets a Crossbow for Christmas

,----[ Quote ]
| Just before Christmas, OpenSolaris gained an implementation 
| of Project Crossbow, a network virtualisation technology. 
| Crossbow allows administrators to create virtual network 
| adapters (VNICs), either connected to physical network 
| adapters, or to what are called EtherStubs, with no 
| associated physical adapter. The latter allow for creating 
| virtual switches with DMZ's and firewalls to connect 
| virtual network adapters together. This moves networking 
| infrastructure into the domain of virtualisation.        



Michael "Monty" Widenius investing in Finnish IT Mill



A bright future for MySQL


At MySQL, it's business as usual


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