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[News] "Free As You Go!" Computing with GNU and Linux

Pay As You Go Computing? Linux is "Free As You Go!"

,----[ Quote ]
| The good news is, right now, today, Linux has "free as you 
| go" computing.   Just download Linux, install, and you have 
| thousands of free software applications at your fingertips!  
| Many are already installed, others need only be installed 
| via a Linux distribution's repository.  (And that takes 
| only a couple of mouse clicks!)     
| You'll also be running Linux.   An operating system 
| supported by millions of users around the world!   And 
| Linux is more stable and secure than Windows!  



,----[ Quote ]
| We skip all of the AT&T Unix development and head straight 
| into Stallman and his work on AI at MIT.  At some point he 
| became frustrated with passwords and Operating systems he 
| couldn’t work with.  He quit his job at MIT and began 
| working on GNU (something I’ve discussed earlier).  The 
| problem with GNU is that the FREE SOFTWARE camp had created 
| all that was needed for a working Operating System, but 
| lacked a working, debugged Kernel.         
| This is where our good pal Linus came in, saw the GNU 
| software and decided to write a workable, monolithic KERNEL 
| when, combined with the GNU software, gave birth to what we 
| have all come to know as an early stage of Linux.    



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PC Users 


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