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[News] Sub-notebooks O/S Wiped... to Install GNU/Linux

MSI Wind

,----[ Quote ]
| First thing I did was remove FreeDOS and a hidden partition 
| containing Windows XP (possibly used for demo purposes by 
| the shop’s technician - no, i didn’t get it sealed). I am, 
| however, disappointed to discover that U100LX didn’t come 
| with Open SUSE (as advertised on other websites). So I did 
| what’s best for my new box - install Ubuntu Intrepid via a 
| Unetbootin created USB Installer.      


12 handy tips for your new Linux netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Quake III, the classic shooter, has a Linux port which runs 
| surprisingly well on a netbook. 


Linux4one Ubuntu for the Acer Aspire One

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux4one - a modified Ubuntu - offers a good alternative 
| for Linplus. 


The Future Of The Netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| The year 2008 saw a lot of changes in the business world, 
| one being the rise of the netbook. And 2009 shows no signs 
| of a decline, as laptops should outsell desktop computers 
| for the first time next year, with netbooks expected to 
| help boost those laptop sales.    



The UMPC is dead; long live the netbook!


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