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[News] Financial Reform Benefits GNU/Linux

Why Software Reform is Like Healthcare Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's say you're the IT decision maker. Sales tells you 
| it's not good. You're faced with a capital expense of 
| upgrading old machines that are running XP just fine, 
| because Microsoft is cutting you off and pushing Vista down 
| your throat. You may want to say screw it. Slap Ubuntu and 
| Open Office on those low-low end user machines. They'll be 
| struggling with a transition either way, but with open 
| source you're not out any short-term cash. You can even get 
| a theme for them that'll make it look just like XP, and as 
| long as they can print they'll be happy. If the experiment 
| fails, put the hardware upgrades and the Vista licenses in 
| next year's budget.           
| But if that experiment works? You've saved money, and 
| several more IT pilot fish have learned that there's more 
| to life than Microsoft, and a couple of them might embrace 
| open source with the zealotry of the converted. And several 
| more low-low end users have gotten comfy, and might be 
| checking out that netbook at the mall. And that, my geeky 
| readers, is a foot in the door.      



Red Hat Q2 earnings beat Street


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