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[News] United States Military Selects GNU/Linux, Rejects Windows

The Blue Screen of Megadeath?

,----[ Quote ]
| Around this time last year, we reported on the U.S. Army's 
| efforts to build a state-of-the-art — state-of-the-future, 
| really — system to control everything from communication to 
| unmanned drones to missile launches, and to use Linux to do 
| it. The project's designers were quoted as specifically 
| saying they rejected Windows because they didn't want to be 
| beholden to Microsoft — apparently the thought of having 
| missiles bricked by Windows Genuine Advantage mid-combat 
| didn't go over so well. Being        
| [...]
| We can't speak for anyone else, but the thought that 
| somewhere floating out there are two hundred nuclear 
| warheads under the control of Windows XP scares the living 
| daylights out of us. If anyone needs us, we'll be building 
| a bunker in the back yard before one of the boom-boom boats 
| throws a blue screen of death and blows us all to kingdom 
| come.      



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