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[News] More Free Software in Business and Finance

Software product development moving beyond financial domains

,----[ Quote ]
| We work at the cutting edge of many open source software, 
| which frequently requires us to enhance them or fix issues 
| in them. Our Kuliza Labs program is geared towards 
| incubating and building our own products by partnering with 
| people with deep domain expertise.    


Open for business

,----[ Quote ] 
| As with any modern IT chief, Henry is always looking at 
| ways to remove cost from doing business and, to that end, 
| he has been an enthusiastic adopter of open source and Unix 
| variants where appropriate. For example, SerCom uses the 
| open source software Nagios.org as its monitoring tool. A 
| useful feature,  Henry says, is the facility for sending 
| text message alerts to the team in the event of an outage 
| or about an issue that needs to be addressed. “Around the 
| periphery, such as network monitoring tools, helpdesk 
| applications or document management systems, we’re using a 
| number of open source tools and we’re delighted with how 
| well they’re working for us. At the coalface of delivering 
| the business day-to-day needs we have exclusively 
| commercial products, such as SAP, and I don’t envisage that 
| changing, but open source has been good to us and we tinker 
| around the edges,” says Henry.               



Financial firms urged to look into open source


The week in technology: Yahoo says ya boo to Microsoft


Survey: Financial Firms On the Fence for Open Source


UA topic: open-source financial software


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