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[News] Open Source to Get More Mainsteam, Already Enters Gaming

Open source trends in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| More mainstream
| The most fundamental trend is that open source continues to 
| be more and more of the core fabric of IT, especially at 
| the operating system, middleware, and database layers.  


Getting copies right: Open source gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, in what is a veritable legal monsoon season, a law 
| exists regarding just about everything. People are quick to 
| abuse the law of the land for their own purposes, suing 
| over anything, staking claims to this and that, and doing 
| whatever else they can to manipulate things for personal 
| gain. In the videogame world, the focus is more on using 
| laws to keep everyone else's hand off of intellectual 
| property, allowing each and every scrap of content to be 
| used in only the way its creators intended. It's mostly 
| a "look, but don't touch" affair.         
| [...]
| It's good to know that at least some people get it. While 
| the world of legality is all about restriction, 
| segmentation, and general selfishness, the "internet 
| generation" has been accepting, adopting, and applying the 
| open-source attitude more and more with each passing day.    



Study: Open Source Going Mainstream


IDC Urges Services Vendors to Adopt Open Source


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