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[News] Plans for Linux 2.6.29 Discussed, Ts'o Advises Debian

Kernel Mode-Setting Push For Linux 2.6.29 Kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| Kernel mode-setting allows for faster VT 
| switching, improved suspend-and-resume 
| support, a flicker-free boot experience,
| eliminating the need for X to be banging 
| on the hardware, and various other benefits. 
| While KMS is finally entering the mainline 
| Linux kernel, it's been shipping as a 
| preview feature in Fedora since earlier 
| this year (A Preview of KMS). Kernel 
| mode-setting is also depended upon by 
| Red Hat's Plymouth boot project as well 
| as Wayland. For more on kernel 
| mode-setting, checkout The State of 
| Kernel Mode-Setting or our other articles.              


Ts'o calls for pragmatic Debian

,----[ Quote ]
| In a blog posting, Theodore Ts'o, Linux kernel 
| developer and recently appointed CTO of the 
| Linux Foundation, has called for more 
| pragmatism from the Debian community.    



A guide to the kernel development process


5 things you didn’t know about linux kernel code metrics


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