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Re: I went with Linux on my new system in 2004...

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____/ The Lost Packet on Sunday 28 December 2008 04:34 : \____

> ...and bought an XBOX CRYSTAL with 30 games and 4 controllers with the
> money I saved by NOT buying Microsoft XP or Microsoft Office.
> What better advocacy than that?
> Funny-arsed thought: Microsoft, from day 1, sold the XBox at a loss to
> recoup money in game sales. The games I bought were secondhand and
> tested, which makes it a triple whammy: not only did Microsoft NOT get
> an OS or Office sale out of me, they also took a hit on the (secondhand)
> games and the (chipped) console!

The XBox business has lost Microsoft about $7 billion. Having more products
does /not/ mean having more profit (just revenue). Only one or two of
Microsoft's divisions are profitable.

Cut off the air supply (or _margins_) of Office and Windows and watch MSFT on a
freefall. It's already happening because of Linux, OOo, and SaaS.

Price of Windows: $5
Price of Office: GBP 69 during the holidays.

The layoffs next month are not surprising, if true. They are the beginning of a
dying company.

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