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[News] Firefox Faster, Better Than Proprietary Counterparts

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Firefox and Chrome Run Gmail Twice as Fast as IE, Says Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has taken a more aggressive approach to moving users away from 
| Internet Explorer, recommending that Gmail users install Firefox or Chrome if 
| they want to see Gmail run "an average of twice as fast."  


Futzing with features: Firefox add-ons in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| As performance reasserts its prominence and features become less of the 
| driving force behind browsers, I find myself looking at the list of inactive 
| extensions in Firefox with jaundiced eyes. It's been months since I've added 
| a new extension, but the ones I still have I use regularly, and several are 
| actually new to me for this year.    



Firefox on film!

,----[ Quote ]
| We’ve launched a new video section on mozilla.com to help bring some of the
| many great features of Firefox alive.  The feature-specific videos are
| narrated by the people who helped bring them to Firefox.  The new video
| section even includes a walk through on how to install Firefox — perfect to
| help people make the switch.



Ten years of Mozilla

,----[ Quote ]
| Ten years ago, Netscape announced it would release to the public the code of
| its flag ship product, Netscape Communicator 5, making it an open source
| product. The action came at a time when Netscape was still the dominant web
| browser: 65 million users and 90% market share in the educational segment
| according to Netscape’s own accounts. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was
| grabbing share at a furious pace thanks to it being free (at a time Netscape
| was about$30) and specially the fact that it came bundled with Windows 95 and
| upcoming Windows 98 (released on June 1998).      

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