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[News] Demand is Soaring for GNU/Linux Skills

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The good news about open source, Cobol, and mobile jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| Demand for Linux server skills grew by only 18 percent -- but as you'd 
| expect, that segment has far more postings than any other. Similarly, 
| JavaScript and Perl, which have been popular for some time, grew slowly but 
| from a large base.   


Big Enterprise Linux Moves, Green Networks in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The past year has seen strides in open source's place in the industry, 
| cementing its role as a major force in the enterprise -- with several key 
| players and stakeholders rising to the top. Just what do they have planned 
| for the next twelve months?   
| Also this year, the breakneck pace of development in networking technology 
| continued apace. But with concerns about security and energy consumption at 
| all time highs, there's still a great deal of work that needs to get done. 
| And quickly.   
| We'll explore both as InternetNews.com's ongoing series of predictions for 
| the coming year in technology rolls on! 
| 2009 will be a big year for enterprise Linux with both of the major 
| enterprise Linux distributions expected to make new releases. Red Hat at some 
| point in 2009 may release Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, its first major 
| enterprise Linux update since the debut of RHEL 5 in March of 2007.    



Will a Linux Certification Help You Get a Linux Job?

,----[ Quote ]
| There are a host of Linux certifications. They range from the high-end Red
| Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Novell's Novell Linux Certified Engineer
| (NLCE ) to ones that are appropriate for entry-level Linux system managers,
| such as the Linux Professional Institute's entry-level LPIC-1. Each are meant
| to show that those who have them are Linux professionals of one level or
| another. How much help are they though when it comes from turning your Linux
| expertise into a Linux job?


Got a pink slip? Write more open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| These are anxious times, but good things will come from the recession. Let's
| hope that one of those "good things" is more open-source software written
| by...you.


Are certifications worth the money?

,----[ Quote ]
| Once you know Linux - and I don’t mean from a book, a class, or your own PC;
| I mean in real, live, working environments with the usual random surprises -
| moving up to Solaris is pretty easy. Start by using it at home, and then grab
| the training credits your employer gets, or can get, with almost any
| significant purchase from Sun.


Hot skills: Bash

,----[ Quote ]
| What's coming up?
| Bash 4.0, which Chet Ramey promised for this summer, is due any time.
| Rates of Pay
| Linux systems administrators earn £30,000 to £45,000.


SAP certifications boosting pay, but others still falling: survey

,----[ Quote ]
| For instance, IT certifications among those with the largest market value
| declines in the past 12 months included Microsoft Certified
| Professional+Internet (MCP+I) with a 40% decrease. Pay for IBM Certified
| Advanced Application Developer -- Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell/Certified
| Internet Professional (CIP) and Novell/Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) each
| shrunk by 25%.


5 best-practices of a successful Linux user

,----[ Quote ]
| Do not run away from CLI: You’ve not got hold of quite a few ways to fix
| things on your Linux machine. You may be happy using the GUI window to
| install new apps. This may be synaptic, yum, yast or whatever. But having a
| good hand at the terminal is never a waste. If you can accomplish some basic
| tasks on the terminal, I am sure you’ll be far more confident and proud than
| you were without this ability. Hacking into or tweaking you machine is
| definitely fun but do not intend to just copy-paste commands from the
| Internet cloud. Try using the man page to know what each of the commands do,
| so that next time you know what you’re doing before you hit the return key on
| the terminal.


VMware seeks "a skilled Open Source/Linux expert"

,----[ Quote ]
| VMware, perhaps recognizing its exposure from open-source virtualization
| solutions, is looking for an open-source expert to help with a range of
| things, including help to create "a test framework for a custom Linux
| distribution." VMware is seeking a "Senior Software Reliability Engineer," as
| noted on an open-source group on LinkedIn, but perhaps it should be looking
| for an open-source savvy IP attorney?


IT needs to retool tech workers for Linux growth

,----[ Quote ]
| Are there enough Linux experts to go around? Here’s an interesting article in
| ComputerWorld from this week: “Linux unchained.” Author Mary Pratt
| investigates the claim that Linux growth is outstripping the supply of actual
| Linux-proficient techs.
| [...]
| Now, having said that and for those of you who are following my Mandriva
| experiment on VirtualBox, I’m finding that I really like it. I’ve managed to
| get myself hung up on some annoying hiccups (not being able to get one app do
| something I want it to), but overall, everything else just works! No problems
| surfing, getting sound and video playback on the Web, etc. I was able to use
| my production tools just as well in Mandriva as in my regular Windows
| environment.


Free software can do many jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| As times get tough and people look for ways to save money, computer
| consultant Michael Camodeca reminds bargain hunters, students heading off to
| college and small business owners that there are legal alternatives to paying
| for software.


The open source jobs boom

,----[ Quote ]
| Demand for Linux server skills grew by only 18 percent -- but as you'd expect
| that segment has far more postings than any other. Similarly, JavaScript and
| Perl, which have been popular for some time, grew slowly but from a large
| base.


Australian open source workers earn more money

,----[ Quote ]
| IT workers who specialise in free and open source software are earning more
| than the national average for IT, according to the results of Australia's
| first open source census.


Report: Open Source Adoption Increases App Dev Pay

,----[ Quote ]
| A report from New York City-based consulting company Bluewolf says IT
| salaries across the board will continue to rise in 2008, with application
| developers leading the pack with 7.6 percent salary growth. The increase
| brings application developers' salaries to between $112,500 from $80,250.  


Investment banks turn off IT recruitment

,----[ Quote ]
| The financial crisis is starting to take its toll on the jobs market for IT
| staff, with investment banks cutting back on recruitment as the credit crunch
| forces them to reduce costs.


Bank of America seeks to patent abandoning America

,----[ Quote ]
| Bank of America believes Americans to be overloaded with "a high salary, good
| benefits, a good work environment, vacation time, and other job-related
| perks." For shame!
| But have no fear, Bank of America has submitted a patent application that
| will help companies find places to get work done where such pesky things as
| nice salaries, good benefits, good work environments, and vacation time are
| abandoned.



Wipro Microsoft alliance is a shame for all Indians – alliance or slavery?

,----[ Quote ]
| The alliance uses Microsoft technologies instead of challenging Gates in his
| own game. Wipro is just a servant of Microsoft facilitating Indian cyber
| slavery under the American corporate banners.  


Linux Job Market Trends: Galloping Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re a Linux specialist looking for the best paying area of the country,
| your best bet is – no surprise – Silicon Valley, where Linux pros make
| $96,578 (but a cup of coffee costs $11.25). Other top-paying Linux areas are
| Washington, D.C. ($86,882), Los Angeles ($86,618), and New York ($86,305).


2007: Where the Tech Jobs Are

,----[ Quote ]
| ...open source and Linux skills are very hot. "Linux is one of the fastest
| growing, if not required, then recommended skills that most of the
| sysadmins and operations people have," Melland says. "If you're a systems
| administrator and you don?t have Linux experience, you might want to seek
| that out."
| [...]
| All this migration to Linux and open source means that job openings are
| zooming. Based on Dice statistics, Linux as a recommended skill is up 51%
| this year, and roughly 150% in the last two years.


Linux and Open Source: How They Affect HR Professionals


Linux kernel developers have tripled in number

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation (LF) has published a study on Linux mainline kernel
| development. According to LF, the number of Linux kernel developers has
| tripled since 2005, with many more companies contributing to the process
| (including, potentially, the latest new LF member, Adobe).

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